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Controlling a smartphone with motion is a new feature in MIUI

Xiaomi today released a video presenting the new MIUI overlay function for Android. The new feature will first go to the Chinese version of the software, and later to the Global version which is sold to Europe.

Control of the smartphone "drawing" letters in the air

In the settings we will see a new option responsible for 3D traffic, it sounds complicated but in practice it is very simple. At the beginning, four traffic will be available: M, W, C, Z.

Holding the phone in hand, move your hand as if you were writing in the air one of the letters mentioned above, this will cause the camera to start, for example. The gyroscope is responsible for the interpretation of the movement. Check how it works in practice.

Will the function be practical? In my opinion, no, I will click faster on the desktop icon. Unnecessary bajer.

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