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Cleanfly cleaner [unpacking] - perfectly made

Xiaomi has partnered with the Cleanfly brand and decided to sell their little monster to their Youpin platform. I described Cleanfly cleaner a few weeks ago, when Xiaomi announced a new product on offer. Honestly, I did not plan to buy it. Shop GearVita suggested that they send me for tests. I have to admit that they did not recommend anything to me, the equipment really works. I am very positively surprised and two friends have already said that they are also buying it.

I have not had such a well-fitting product for a long time as a Cleanfly vacuum cleaner

I tested a wireless vacuum cleaner Roidmi F8, I also tested Alfawise HC-1D03but this The Cleanfly product in my opinion is the best made. Plastics perfectly fit, nothing creaks. The housing is made of strong plastic, better than Roidmi F8. From now on, I will be following closely all products of the Cleanfly brand.

The product is small but powerful (it has 80W power, 5000 Pa). I am positively surprised by its power considering the size. Of course, it does not draw in the sand trampled for a month in velor carpets in the car, but copes with everyday "dirt" perfectly.

In the car between the door and the seat I had a crumb of a chips which I could not draw in Roidmi F8, the end was too wide. The Cleanfly cleaner has handled it without a problem. This is my first impression with this small, powerful Cleanfly equipment. He is doing very well so far.

What's in the box?

In the set, together with the vacuum cleaner, we get the 12V charger and the 2 terminal in 1. The tip is universal because the brush mounted on the top can be lifted up (or completely removed) and use the nozzle itself to pull dirt in hard-to-reach places. On the underside there is a diode which shines strongly, in the dark it brightens up the dusted surface well. However, I do not recommend vacuuming when others are asleep. The vacuum cleaner is small but really strong and loud. It is a pity that only the 12V charger is included. I would be happy to use it at home, when preparing a meal when I'm crumbling. You can combine and buy a charger with the same plug and the same 12V / 2A parameters, allegro is after 5 PLN ..

As I mentioned at the beginning, I got the equipment for testing from The store has made available the discount code for "GVmiFVQC". After using the code, the price drops to $ 31.99, the official price in China is $ 30.

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