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WATER Aerobook 13.3, a successful project from Indiegogo now available for sale

I like to follow websites dealing with social financing like KickStarter or Indiegogo. It was on the latter already some time ago that I came across a laptop CHUWI Aerobook, equipment with a window that looks like a Macbook 12. The funding campaign was to collect $ 30 000, CHUWI Aerobook has collected almost 10x more, $ 286 846. The equipment was to be sold in April 2019 and is, praise for CHUWI for "punctuality".

CHUWI Aerobook 13.3 6

WASH Aerobook 13.3 thin laptop with a widescreen screen

CHUWI Aerobook is a real ultrabook. It looks really good, thanks to the metal housing and compact size. It is heavier than a product with a bitten apple on 320g, but it is also three times cheaper.

CHUWI Aerobook 13.3 2

It has a LCD diagonal 13.3 inch (Full HD 1920 x XUMUM pixels). The processor is an Intel sixth generation M1080-3Y6 with a Turbo clock for 30 GHZ supported by the integrated graphics chip Intel HD Graphics 2.2 and 515 GB RAM. Of course, the internal memory is an SSD with 8 GB capacity. The manufacturer advertises equipment that will also work for games, but there is nothing to cheat - it will not work. It is equipment for office work, for universities, a device that due to its low weight and compact size ideally suited to work "on the road." The built-in battery will allow 256 hours of remote operation.

CHUWI Aerobook 13.3 6

In terms of wireless connectivity, WiFi supports 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz, and Bluetooth is in the 4.0 version. CHUWI Aerobook has four loudspeakers, two USB 3.1 type A sockets, a headphone jack, a memory card reader, an HDMI connector and a USB type C socket. At the top of the screen there is a camera with a standard 2 MP resolution for the market. Plus for a backlit keyboard:

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I did not support the project at Indiegogo, there is a plus. If I ordered through Indiegogo in 90%, the parcel would go to the Customs Office and would have to pay 23% vatu. The cheapest package during financing AeroBook cost $ 400 + 23% + customs fees = + - $ 500. Now I noticed that CHUWI Aerobook 13.3 is available in the store for $ 440 and with the Priority DIrect Mail / EU Priority Line shipping, which bypasses VAT, ideally!

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