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C + 86 Sports Watch - a new chronograph from Xiaomi
C + 86 Sports Watch

Xiaomi presented a new multifunctional watch with the graceful name of C + 86 Sports Watch. This time it is a proposal for fans of sports classics - fans of smart devices must get around the taste.

C + 86 Sports Watch is a new wristwatch designed for people who prefer a sporty lifestyle and has nothing to do with any smart features. The envelope is made of stainless steel repeatedly polished in various production processes to achieve a beautiful gloss and brushed metal effect. The glass covering the disc is made of mineral glass with high hardness, thanks to which it is to be well protected against scratches.

Xiaomi C + 86 Sports Watch

The watch tips and the most important elements have a fluorescent coating, which helps to promote visibility in dark rooms. Hour indicators have a radial and silver color scheme, minute and second indicators are printed in black. The whole makes a beautiful impression and looks elegant and at the same time sportily.

The watch has a stopwatch function. There are three smaller discs on the main dial that are used to support this function. These are minute, second and hour dials. Thanks to this treatment, we can conveniently use the stopwatch function up to 24 counting time. On the side of the envelope there are two buttons and one knob. One of the buttons is used to start and stop the stopwatch, the other to reset it. The classic knob is used to set the watch.

Xiaomi C + 86 Sports Watch

The watch has a SEIKO quartz movement, so it should be accurate. In addition, it is waterproof to 30 meters of immersion depth. The strap is made of pleasant silicone, which is available in two colors - orange and black.

The price in China is 579 yuan (about 84 dollars).

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