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Build a form for the summer with the "new" treadmill and Xiaomi weight

Xiaomi has organized a conference today, where it presented several new products. The most important of them is of course a TV that looks like a wall on the wall. I put photos on Facebookif you are interested, I recommend to look.

The next products presented are: treadmill, bathroom scale, fan and air purifier. In this post I will focus on the first two, I will start the treadmill.

Mijia Walking Treadmill

This is not a new product, I described it a year ago. I refer to this entry. It is not even equipment created by Xiaomi, Beijing KingSmith Technology Co., Ltd is responsible for the product, which is first advertised on the portal KickStarter.

For several months Xiaomi has been selling this equipment on the Youpin platrum. Today the equipment was reborn again, but under the Mijia brand. Xiaomi had to buy a design and now sells it under its own brand, apparently all the formalities took so long. I bought treadmills a few months ago.

A new revival of the "Xiaomi" treadmill

It is not a typical treadmill, it is not used for running. It achieves a maximum speed of 6 km / h, therefore it is designed for fast walking, which is ideal for watching TV or playing on the console. During this kind of entertainment I have already walked 255 kilometers on it and burned 15913 Kcal! All trainings are registered in the Mi Home application, which is why I know the exact numbers.

The reason why I decided to buy it is a very minimalist look, so it takes up very little space. After finishing training, or actually playing Fife 19 on Xboxie, just fold the Mijia treadmill in half and go under the bed using two transport wheels.

Mijia Walking Treadmill4

You can control the speed in two ways: using the remote control manually or automatically. Automatic mode accelerates to when you are ahead of the tape, and slows down if you are at the end. Personally, I do not like this mode and I always choose the remote control. I set the maximum speed 6km / h and take it in hand, and the pilot hangs on the wrist on a leash.

In the "new version" which looks the same as the original, Xiaomi introduced support for the virtual assistant Xiao AI. With the voice, you can control the speed. The treadmill can also be paired with the TV and then the statistics of our training appear on the screen. Both novelties are not useful in my opinion.

The walking track Mijia Walking Treadmill costs 1799 yuan, $ 267 and will be available for sale from 26 on April.

Xiaomi Body Scale 2

Xiaomi refreshed the bathroom scale. The measurement accuracy has been changed, from now on to be 50g. In the previous generation, the manufacturer declared the accuracy of measurement at the 100g level. A new weighing mode was also introduced, adapted to light products. On a new scale, you can easily check how much the package you have prepared for shipping weighs.

Another improvement is the newer version of Bluetooth, the new scale communicates via Bluetooth in the 5.0 version, the connection is faster and more stable than the old 4.2. A new body balance function has been added. Stand in the middle of the scale with one leg and close your eyes, the balance will analyze whether we exert an even pressure.

Xiaomi did not give up accurate measurements and body analysis, you can still analyze, for example, the level of body fat, visceral fat, muscle mass or the amount of water in the body. The product has been priced at 99 yuan, $ 15.

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