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The Ocooker blender is a novelty on the Youpin platform

The ecosystem of Xiaomi products is huge, probably the largest in the world. Lei Juna not only promotes remotely controlled and smart gadgets, but also everyday devices that we know well, like today's new on Youpin - Ocooker blender. The device does not have any great features, the cure is characterized by good quality and a nice tripod.

The 420W engine allows for maximum 12 500 speed per minute. The power can be adjusted using the button on the housing. Included with the blender we will get a mixing tip and a container with a lid to prepare, for example, a spaghetti sauce and not to soil the whole kitchen.

The blender body and blades are made of stainless steel and the plastic casing. Of course, the mixing parts can be washed with running water. What I like the most is the "tripod" to the terminals, it will not be stuck in the cabinets.

The Ocooker blender was priced in China at 149 yuan, $ 22.

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