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Black Shark 2 Pro will be officially available in Europe

30 July gaming brand Black Shark presented a new smartphone - Black Shark 2 Pro. If you need maximum computing power in your smartphone, this is the equipment for you. Inside is the Snapdragon 855 +, it is an octa-core processor with 2,96 GHz maximum clock speed with the Adreno 640 graphics chip. Redmi K20 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 9 beat its performance.

Multitasking should also be no problem, the Black Shark 2 Pro has 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of data space. In addition, the best screen for players, the refresh rate is 240 Hz and is the highest value available on the market.

The sale of the smartphone began 2 August, but only in China. European brand fans have so far been convicted of ordering on their own from China (which is not difficult and "dangerous"), but soon Black Shark 2 Pro will debut in Europe. On the official Black Shark website you can subscribe to the newsletter and receive a notification as soon as it arrives in Europe.

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