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"Wireless" Xiaomi fan, Xiaomi Smart Fan.

Mayan weather reached Poland with a week delay, temperatures above 20 degrees begin. Time to pull out the short pants from the wardrobe. It is true that we do not have hot weather yet, but you can also start thinking about the fans. I decided to check the Xiaomi fan. The device has a battery and can work wirelessly! Is Xiaomi Smart Fan worthwhile to import from China?


Xiaomi Smart Fan reaches us in a fairly large carton, it is almost a meter long. In the middle there is a fan that we must assemble with six parts, three screws. I have one left, I think it's spare, in case you get lost. However, if someone buys and finds a place for it, please contact me. 🙂 We do not need any additional tools, the set includes a SmartMi logo and a screwdriver.

Xiaomi Smart Fan

The installation takes a maximum of five minutes. After which we see with our eyes an elegant, minimalist floor fan. All the fans I had before were typically market-oriented, up to 100 PLN. Everything creaked in them, the fitting of elements was poor. At maximum revolutions, they did not stay stable, delicate contact caused the overturning. Xiaomi Smart Fan weighs 3,7kg, the round massive base ensures stable operation, at any power. The only drawback in construction is the inability to adjust up / down, i.e. pipe elongation. In the vertical / level plane, only the propeller can be adjusted. Because of this, unfortunately, it does not fit next to the desk, which is too high.

Xiaomi Smart Fan

At the top there is a button to adjust the power from 1-4 and to turn the fan on / off. Below the button are four diodes informing about the current power, the same diodes are on the pipe (the one which unfortunately can not be adjusted) so that you can see the current power from the front.

Xiaomi fan

Like any fan, the Xiaomi product also has the option of automatic rotation. The Smart Fan rotates at maximum by 120 step. You can adjust the rotation with the button on the back or via the mobile application. Below is a diode informing about the status of the Wi-Fi connection.

Xiaomi fan

As I mentioned in the title, the fan may be wireless. In the middle there is a battery, with the capacity 2800mAh provides for 16 working hours. No more worrying about the power supply, we can set it anywhere in the apartment and enjoy the cool wind on hot days.

XIaomi Smart

The cable attached to the device has a Chinese plug, but the fan itself has a traditional output, the same as many devices in Europe. That is why we can easily use our cable.

ApplicationXiaomi smart fan

The Xiaomi fan is traditionally connected to the MiHome application for a Chinese manufacturer. As of today, the iOS app is in Chinese and Android is in English. Any day, there should be a translation for fruit growers, but the service is so simple that without it you can easily deal with it. On the main screen, we can see the battery charge, the current temperature. The mode in which the device works, there are two to choose from:

  • Normal (windmill) like all fans, still the same gust force.
  • Natural winds (leaf) - the fan blows once less, sometimes harder. Sometimes a longer wind breathes longer and sometimes shorter. Of course, if we have, for example, defined power on 1, a stronger blast does not mean that it suddenly blows with maximum power - 4, the changes are small but very pleasant. In my opinion the name Natural wind perfectly describes this mode, I always use this mode, I used the traditional one only the first time.

The maximum fan power is 36W. The fan I work very quietly at the 1 level is practically inaudible. At level two, it's just as loud as the Xiaomi air purifier in AUTO mode at 30 pm2,5, which is also practically inaudible. Rotations in 3-4 mode cause the device to be heard and for example when watching TV or reading a book, some people may be disturbed.

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You can control the blowing force, as I wrote earlier, using the button on the top of the device or in the MiHome application, by overriding the number at the bottom of the screen. A single click increases the power of 1, the maximum 4. However, if we hold the finger longer we will get the possibility of more precise adjustment by moving the finger up / down without releasing the button.

Mi Home smart fan

From the application level, we can also set the Timer - after what time the fan should turn off. Turn left / right, start automatic rotation with 30, 60, 90 or 120 degrees. You can also set the automatic on / off but remember that if you work on the battery after an hour of winding, the fan automatically goes into offline mode to not consume no battery. In order to reactivate it to operation, you must press the button on the housing.

Xiaomi fanXiaomi fan

Xiaomi Smart Fan can operate in the Smart Home system, i.e. it can be controlled by other devices from the Xiaomi ecosystem, eg the motion sensor can automatically start the fan. Unfortunately, they have not yet been translated into English.

MIhome translate


Is it worth downloading the Xiaomi fan from China? Yes, if you are annoyed by the clatter of market fans, the function of natural wind is in my opinion a genius, I use it only. Wireless operation is also a big plus, I can easily take it with me to another room. I checked on the popular auction portal in Poland and we have no reasonable wireless alternative. The Xiaomi fan has a very elegant, minimalist look, it can also be a decorative element.

I bought my copy on Aliexpress, but the store Gearbest has a Xiaomi fan at a better price and with free shipping. As of today, the Priority Line shipment will provide no VAT.

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