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Aqara Smart Light Control - wall mounted wall switch for Smart Home Xiaomi.

Aqara Smart Light Control

Xiaomi is increasingly fulfilling its Smart Home offer. Recently, they introduced a sensor to the offer gas and smoke. Today I received a dual surface-mounted Aqara Smart Light Control Wireless Version switch, the device does not need power. Works on batteries, you need a Gateway from Xiaomi.

Aqara Smart Light Control reaches us in a white package, apart from the switch itself we also receive a double-sided tape and a showy manual. Due to the fact that it is a wireless version, the surface mounted is powered by a CR2032 battery, available in Poland for a round of 4 PLN. A concealed version is available, it costs almost twice as much and is adapted to a square can, and not as in the Polish standard round. The device has the dimension 86mm x 86mm x 15mm, from the back has two rubber straps on the top and bottom to cushion when pressing the switch. The large surface and low weight makes the Aqara Smart Light Control easily stick to the double-sided tape included in the kit.

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Aqara Smart Light Control
Aqara Smart Light Control

The switch has two buttons that make a rather loud click when pressed. It does not bother me personally, but I know people who pay attention to it. In order to pair the device with our gate from Xiaomi, which is necessary to operate the device. You should run MiHome applications on your smartphone from the list of our Gateway devices. Go to the Device tab and click on the bottom in plus with Add Subdevice select the Wireless Switch with a double button. At this point, we have 30 seconds to hold one of the two buttons on the switch for 3 seconds to make the devices behave among themselves. After a successful pairing process, we can start to "program" the breaker. We click Add automations. First we need to determine what is to start the stage, the switch offers three options. Left key, right key or both at once. Then, in the conditions below, we define what should happen if we press any of the buttons. Here we can choose all our Smart Home Xiaomi devices. My three options look like this.

  • Left button - turns on the LED strip
  • Right button - turns on the ceiling lamp
  • Both at the same time - controls the power of the ceiling lamp, acts as a typical dimmer.
I'm home
I'm home

After pressing the key, the lamp is switched on immediately. as if it worked "over the cable" rather than wirelessly.


Aqara Smart Light Control Wireless Version is a very good product for me, a good addition to the Smart Home Xiaomi system. It works quickly and is reliable, I have not had a situation when pressed, there was no fixed scene. I bought the circuit breaker in the store 23 $, is also available concealedthat does not require a battery, costs 38 $ and is under a square can. There are also one-button switches on sale, I personally recommend a double - never too many options. The only application that I see for a single is a door bell.

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