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Apple Pay is the official start in Poland

Pay Apple

We've been waiting for it for many years. Rumors were that it was supposed to work yesterday evening, but it was not. This morning I picked up my smartphone, launched the Wallet app and got a blue splash ... and that's how the blik will die.

Pay Apple

Apple Pay works on iPhones from SE and 6 up. It also supports iPads, Apple Watch and Macs that were introduced to the market in 2012 a year and have a system at least in the macOS Sierra version. In the case of tablets and mackintosh computers, only an online payment is possible. iPhones and Apple Watche support contactless payments in stores. A big plus is the fact that Apple's watch does not need an iPhone to approve the transaction. The transaction-accepting token is installed directly on the watch, no need for internet access.

Banks supporting Apple Pay

Alior, T-Mobile Usługi Bankowe, BGŻ BNP Paribas, BZ WBK, Getin, mBank, Nest Bank, Pekao and Raiffeisen Polbank

How to add a card

The whole is very easy and takes several dozen seconds. The service does not sync in iCloud, we must add each device separately. If you add a card to your iPhone, run the wallet application, click the blue plus in the upper right corner. We scan the front of the card with the camera, after a few seconds all fields will be completed with data from the card. Next, we need to enter the 3 digital security code which is on the back of the card and accept the regulations. After a few seconds we will receive an SMS from the bank with the verification code, the iPhone will read and enter it. The end is ready, from now we can pay by phone

Pay Apple

No pin or 0000

The biggest difference that can be seen is the fact that Paying over 50 with Apple Pay, the terminal will not ask for a pin code. All authorization is carried out using a telephone / watch, confirmed by a fingerprint reader or face unlocking. If the terminal will have older software and the pin will pop out, it is best to enter four zeros.

... you can enter any four numbers, but Apple recommends 0000.

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