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Apple Pay is already working with Revolut cards!

After many months of waiting, it finally moved! From yesterday, Revolut cards can be added to Apple Pay. You do not need to carry a card anymore, just an iPhone or Apple Watch.

You can add both physical and virtual cards. The card that we add to the application on the smartphone will look the same as the physical one, that's why I see Revolut Metal. By the way, thank you to people who created an account from my link and thanks to them I received a metal card for free.

Since my first post it took several weeks to revolut, so I will share information about which functions I use most often. For the last few weeks, I have been tracking the statistics of my expenses and dividing my bills the most.

Sharing accounts in Revolut

At work, we often order food together and then the problem arises because "someone does not have to spend." With the application and the Revolut card, the whole is much simpler. I pay with the card, the payment appears in the Revolut application and then I choose the "split account" option.

I set how much it costs to order a particular person and send a request for payment. Now it's enough for the other person to accept the request in the application, when he or she does so within a few seconds, the requested amount will go to my account.

Registration link and PLN 20 in your pocket!G10D21

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