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Another aquarium on Youpin, this time with an air humidifier

A few months ago Xiaomi added to the Youpin platform aquarium with space for a plant. Now a new model has come to the market, the place for the tree has been replaced by an air humidifier. Unfortunately, the aquarium is even smaller ....

The new aquarium is produced by Beijing Yuanhao Technology Co., Ltd, its dimensions are 260 mm x 135 mm x 280 mm. The aquarium was made of ABS plastic, the set has a water filter that is powered by 5V. You can use the charger from the phone and even use the powerbank. The manufacturer also added LED lighting.

The aquarium is sold in three versions: the humidifier itself, the aquarium itself and the aquarium together with the humidifier. A complete set, i.e. an aquarium and humidifier, was priced in China at 319 yuan, $ 46. The product is now available on Banggood.

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