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Another Redmi Y3 smartphone can have the 32 Mpx selfie camera

Over the past few weeks, the network has received a lot of information about the upcoming Redmi smartphone. Most often the subject of the processor and the camera was passing. False rumors informed about a sliding camera from inside the case, but this one information has been denied by Xiaomi. Now the Redmi Y3 is on the wallpaper.

Manu Kumar published an interesting post on the Twitter social network a few days ago:

The entry uses the letter "Y" which suggests a refreshing of the Redmi Y series. Most likely, we will soon see the successor Redmi Y2, whose international name is Redmi S2.

In my opinion, Redmi Y3 will have a 32 Mpx selfie camera. Where does this thesis come from? There is also the second information in the entry which Manu communicates between the lines. The person responsible for Xiaomi's interests in India has made 32 a selfie with 32 people in the company. Case? I do not think so.

Why the 32 Mpx in Redmi S3?

What smartphone has the 32 Mpx front camera? Huawei P30, most likely the best photographic smartphone. Redmi wants to offer a smartphone that looking only at marketing numbers is to offer similar quality of photos. After looking at Huawei P30 and Redmi Y3 advertising banners, both of 32 Mpx probably most Indian citizens will choose at least twice cheaper device from the Redmi portfolio.

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