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Another chair for players on Youpin, this time the AutoFull brand

In addition to the electric broom for the Youpin platform, a new seat for AutoFull players has been added today. This is the second AutoFull product on the Youpin sales platform, the first was also armchair for lovers of virtual entertainment.

Armchair for Autofull players

The manufacturer boasts that the chair is manufactured in the 4D design, it has two independent parts: a lumbar section and a headrest. The chair has been covered with real leather, it is the skin of the first-quality cow. At least now I know where such a high price is compared to the previous model.

In order to ensure comfort, the inside was filled with cotton to comfortably spend a few hours in front of the screen. The chair has a backrest inclination in the range from 90 to 150 degrees. The frame was made of steel, the same as the pneumatic bar used for height adjustment. The manufacturer declares that the mechanism will survive over 100 000 regulation. The load capacity of the AutoFull seat is 1136kg, and the construction itself weighs 29 kg.

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Armchair for Autofull players

The new AutoFull player seat is not cheap. In China, it was valued at 2799 yuan, $ 415. This is the price for the high quality of materials used. The Autofull brand sells its products on, there is also one available model at That is why there is a good chance that the new armchair will go to Europe.

Armchair for Autofull players
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