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Amazfit Smartwatch 2 - watch from Xiaomi with EKG, eSIM and NFC

Another watch presented today at the Amazfit conference is a refreshed Verge model. This is the most anticipated of today's novelty, next to the armband Xiaomi Mi Band 4. Check out what Amazfit Verge 2 offers.

Amazfit Verge 2

The new model can be described as a much cheaper alternative to the Apple Watch 4, the price is much lower. For the first time in the Amazfit brand history, the smartwatch has been equipped with eSIM support and, just like a product with a bitten apple, I offer ECG function.

I'll start with the loudest function, or ECG. Amazfit Verge 2 is able to store 60 minutes of ECG recording for up to 7 days. Waiting for the first tests in the network from the comparison of both watches and professional medical equipment, how do you bet which device will prove to be the most accurate? Xiaomi or Apple?

Amazfit Verge 2 has 1,39 AMOLED screen with 454 x XUMUM pixel resolution. The frame is made of ceramics, and the glass is rounded so that the whole is very nicely presented. I love the minimalist style, which is Amazfit Verge 454.

Huami has not forgotten about hermetic, the new Verge has IP68. For me, the basic function of a smartwatch is to monitor my physical activity during the day. The new version is able to collect data from the same training as the previous model, ie: walking, running, running in the field, riding a bike, cross trainer, climbing, skipping rope and playing football.

I would also like an elegant leather strap with Amazfit 2S and the whole would look really beautiful.

The brain of the smartwatch is the Snapdragon Wear 2500 processor supported by 512 MB RAM, the mass memory is 4 GB. The battery has a 420 mAh capacity and according to the manufacturer, it is enough for 28h to work using the 4G network. The watch operates under the control of the Amazfit OS system and is compatible with both Android and iOS.

Amazfit Verge 2 has been priced in China on the 999 yuan, $ 145 for the basic model. A model with an ECG function is more expensive at 300 yuan, it costs $ 190. For fans of the Avengers, there is also a limited edition for 1499 yuan.

Avengers Limited Edition

A small curiosity at the end: using the watch you can open and close the car, but there is one catch - it must be Xiaopeng AutoMobile brand.

I have not found information on the use of NFC and eSIM outside of China. If during the purchase of a watch it is an irreplaceable function for you, I advise you to wait for the first tests.

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