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Tomorrow presentation of the new Xiaomi TV - new advertising graphics

The day before the official premiere, Xiaomi probably publishes the latest advertising graphics. This time there is a television on it, without other gadgets that were in previous graphics.

The new TV has to have a new, redesigned remote control. Most likely, the Chinese giant has also implemented a motion detection system for remote control of the TV. Such technology is suggested by the camera in the upper right corner, which is responsible for reading our movements. If this happens, the newest TV will be able to be controlled with your hand.

Xiaomi Mi TV

Xiaomi TV with "backlight"?

The graphic clearly shows the backlight at the back of the housing. Some users say it may be the first Xiaomi TV with Ambilight. I would like it to be so, I would also like it to be available in Europe, but if it was Ambilight, the backlight should adapt to the displayed image. In the graphics published by Xiaomi only cold white light can be seen.

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