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Alfawise HC-1D03 cordless vacuum cleaner for every budget

For the cleanliness of the floors in my home he is responsible Roborock autonomous vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi, it works great. However, I have a staircase that I will not enter and sometimes there are situations in which you need to vacuum something "quickly". Spilled flakes in the kitchen or crisp crumbs from the couch. Wireless handheld vacuum cleaners are ideal for such tasks. I have wireless Roidmi F8 monster from Xiaomi on the 1800 Pa suction power, but costs over a thousand zlotys, and not everyone needs such expensive equipment. That's why I decided to test a much cheaper variant for less than PLN 500. Alfawise product and exactly the model HC-1D03 and I can already write that it is a very solid option for "hard surfaces".

Alfawise HC-1D03

Alfawise HC-1D03 product for every budget

The product arrives in a large rectangular carton. All accessories for the vacuum cleaner are placed in appropriate compartments in a form resembling an egg-shaped extrudate. That's why the product came to me from China without any damage. The set includes everything you need: a vacuum cleaner, pipe, tips, a wall holder with anchor pins and a charger.

Alfawise HC-1D03

Ease of use

To remove the vacuum cleaner from the wall holder, it is enough to lift gently upwards, the movement takes a fraction of a second and we can start cleaning immediately. The vacuum cleaner works very well for cleaning hard floors, i.e. panels and tiles. The tip is very good and very agile. There is no problem with efficiently overcoming legs from chairs or other obstacles. Low weight also influences comfort of use, the HC-1D03 weighs less than 2 kg. Due to the low weight outside the floors, it is also ideal for cleaning the higher parts of the apartment. A small minus for the device for the volume of work is 83 dB.

The battery life in my opinion is enough for a product for quick work, the battery is enough for 25 minutes of cleaning. The vacuum cleaner has only one mode of operation, so this is the actual result it achieves. Some models have a longer time, but then the results are presented at the lowest speed. Loading from 0 to 100% takes only three hours. The vacuum cleaner is not stable enough and when it is being charged or when it is not being used it must be hung in a wall holder or supported by something.

Alfawise HC-1D03

Cleaning hard surfaces

It's time to check how a cordless vacuum cleaner Alfawise handles during cleaning. I spilled a cup of wheat flour, for two weeks I have been on a keto diet, so it's wheat. The vacuum cleaner has coped well as you can see below very well. Another product that I am willing to get rid of are oatmeal and Alfawise also handled very well. I performed both tests with only one pass, "I did not correct".

[Pb_one_quarter]Alfawise HC-1D03[/ pb_one_quarter] [pb_one_quarter]Alfawise HC-1D03[/ pb_one_quarter] [pb_one_quarter]Alfawise HC-1D03[/ pb_one_quarter] [pb_one_quarter]Alfawise HC-1D03[/ Pb_one_quarter]

Changed the long pipe to the short end and pull things from the desk, tables, countertops. During such work the vacuum cleaner is doing great. In a few seconds, we have order and we can hang the vacuum cleaner back on the wall and that's it - no wires, no problem, lightning fast.

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Cleaning soft surfaces

While with a low-pile carpet, the vacuum cleaner is doing well, only with more fluffy and longer problems. The suction power is 7000 Pa and can not cope. I sprinkled rice, cereal and, unfortunately, some had to collect. With the fur of animals in carpets with larger bristles, it also does not do well. Do not kid yourself, for 450 zlotys you can not have a monster that draws in everything.

Similarly with car cleaning. Alfawise is doing well to pull crumbs from the seats, dust from the dashboard. However, if we start cleaning velvet rugs in which the sand particles are pressed hard, it will take some time.

Alfawise HC-1D03
Battery charge indicator


If you are looking for a wireless vacuum cleaner and you do not want to ruin your home budget, or spend over PLN 1000 Alfawise HC-1D03 it will be a very solid choice. Remember, however, that it will not work when cleaning carpets with high and fluffy bristles. If you only have hard floors, then you do not have to overpay and choose Alfawise HC-1D03, you'll save some cash.

I ordered a vacuum cleaner from China. Shipping Priority Line ensured no VAT, but now there is a better offer. The Alfawise HC-1D03 vacuum cleaner is available in the Polish warehouse in the store, it will reach you within two days of order.

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