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Xiaomi air cleaner after 4 months.

In December I decided to buy an air purifier from Xiaomi, I decided to buy the second generation Xiaomi Air Purifier 2. After four months of use, the end of winter, the heating season in Poland, oh wait we have 18 April and the snow in Poland is raining! I decided to share my impressions and replace the filter with a new one.

Xiaomi in the application MiHome recommends to change the filter every 145dni, the 3-6 lettering is stamped on the filter. I decided to exchange after 120 days. For four months I did not look inside the cleaner and it was a mistake, do not do it! There was a lot of dust on the filter, vacuum the filter every month.

xiaomi air purifier 2

After cleaning the dust due to the fact that I have new filters, I ordered green (HEPA) this time. Out of curiosity, I decided to look inside the blue filter, this comes with a purifier. With the help of a saw blade I cut in half, this is how the filter looks after four months of working in Polish conditions, i.e. perfect air where PM2,5 achieves results above 150 ... Although in some classifications, our cities are leading the world.

Once we know that we are ahead of the world powers, let's get back to the filter.

xiaomi filter

xiaomi filter

As for working in extremely difficult conditions, he managed well. His time has passed as I mentioned above, this time I decided to buy the best, or at least the most expensive, version green (HEPA), is currently in the promotion at shop, if someone also ends, I recommend buying.

HEPA filter removed from the environment of the smallest dust particles, bacteria, most viruses, dust mite droppings, smoke. Practically all pollutants whose size does not exceed 0,3 microns are removed. Sthe efficiency of PM2,5 particle filtering is 99,99%. Ideally suited to dusting, I wait at home and no pollen terrible to me 😉

xiaomi filter green

And how does the purifier work?

The Xiaomi air purifier works for me 24 / 7, during the day in auto mode, it switches to night mode for the night. In the apartment, the PM 2,5 coefficient remained at the 45 level, if I closed the bedroom door for the night it even fell below 10. When it was over 150 outside. I never had any problems, I never reset it. Each time it connects seamlessly with the MiHome application. Equipment definitely worth recommending, no problems. The heating season in Poland is slowly coming to an end, air pollution will clearly fall within a month. If you are allergic I recommend buying, otherwise spend your holiday money and Xiaomi air purifier buy in October. You can also follow the page Deals.Pokoleniesmart.plif there is a good promotion for the Xiaomi purifier, I will definitely add. Allergy patients can buy a purifier in the store Gearbest.comI recommend the Prority Line, it arrives by courier DPD without VAT.


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