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The new Xiaomi laptop caught in the Geekbench test

A few days ago I wrote that Xiaomi has overestimated its gaming laptop, offering a discount up to 500 yuan. In my opinion, this suggests the arrival of a new generation, which is why the producer wants to get rid of the older model.

The new Xiaomi laptop in Geekbench

The new Xiaomi laptop

A new Geekbench benchmark screen leaked to the network, but most likely it will not be gaming equipment. All thanks to the processor that is inside, only Intel i5-8265U. Therefore, "office equipment" will be refreshed, laptops for ordinary mortals. This will be the first laptop with the Mi logo presented in the 2019 year.

12 Macbook, I am waiting for such equipment from Xiaomi


I would like Xiaomi to present a tiny Macbook-style 12 laptop from Apple. It is thin, light, small, ideal for remote work. Xiaomi Air 12 or 13 are too large. The square, square casing on laptops with the Mi logo gives the impression that the equipment is much thicker than the specification and looks worse.