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Xiaomi wants to conquer Turkey and chases Apple in the matter of sold smartphones

The Xiaomi company is gaining more and more popularity on the European market, the work is working, among others in Italy, Spain, France and Poland. Turkey will probably join this group soon.

Xiaomi also wants to conquer Turkey

Xiaomi also wants to conquer Turkey

A photo of the new Mi Store with the word "Coming Soon" has been added to the network. Xiaomi is expected to appear in Turkey in the 2019 year. I am very happy about such a big Chinese activity of the giant in the European arena. It is connected with the same advantages, maybe we will see the official sale of large-sized products from Xiaomi in Europe. Mainly I mean TVs i refrigerators. A TV with the 75-size Mi logo with 4K support costs only 5200 in China. We can dream about such prices in Poland, entering Xiaomi on the market can introduce a good alternative.

Europe is not the only direction of Xiaomi, the company also plans to expand into the American market in the 2019 year. The company has the largest share on the Chinese and Indian market, where it is a sales leader. In the first quarter 2018 Xiaomi sold 29,3 million pieces of smartphones, thus noting an increase of 129% from the previous year. For comparison, Apple sold 77 millions of phones, if Xiaomi will keep growing soon, it can significantly reduce the difference.

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