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Xiaomi Soundbar [unpacking]

Xiaomi Soundbar

Ever since Apple's HomePod came into my hands, I began to pay more attention to sound quality. The speakers on my TCL TV are not very good, so I decided to check the TV set with speakers, Xiaomi Soundbar. This is a set of speakers dedicated to the home entertainment center. You can connect the cable to the TV or use a bluetooth and connect wirelessly to your phone, computer or other audio source.

Xiaomi Soundbar

the equipment came to me from the store Gearbest.comI chose Priority Line shipping and I did not have any additional charges when picking up. I waited two weeks for the DPD courier to knock on my door with the parcel. The soundbar is packed in a brown cardboard box. You can see that the carton survived a little while traveling from China.

Xiaomi Soundbar

Despite the visible numerous damage, cardboard wrinkles, the content was not damaged. Inside there is a polystyrene with special embossing on all elements. Xiaomi places the package in the package outside the soundbar: power supply, AV cable, two mounting pins to attach the speaker set to the wall and manual user instructions in Chinese.

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The power supply is finished Chinese plug, an adapter is needed which has not been added by the store. I have at home intelligent Xiaomi slat, which has Chinese sockets so I have no problem. If you have only traditional, write to the store to add to the parcel.

Xiaomi SoundBar

Here he is, Xiaomi soundbar. Minimalism and simplicity these are the features that describe the appearance of the device and this is definitely my style. I like it very much. The front part is covered with gray material, the remaining edges are made of white plastic. The soundbar will work in most salons, also as an element of decoration.

Xiaomi Soundbar

It depends on you how you mount the device. Can be mounted on the wall using the dowels provided with the set. There are two special openings on the back of the casing. I decided, however, the second way to put the soundbar directly under the TV. On the bottom there are special anti-slip rubber bands, which even on a high-gloss dresser ensure proper stabilization. The speaker will not slip due to vibrations.

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On the back wall, apart from the holes, there are also sockets and a switch used to turn the soundbar on / off. The sockets are 3,5mm jack, AV audio, SPFID, optical and socket for the end of the power supply. Thanks to the Bluetooth soundbar, we can connect virtually everything today. TV, projector, telephone, computer capabilities is really a lot.
Xiaomi Soundbar

The only control of the Xiaomi soundbar is done using a panel located on the top. We choose the sound source, and on the sides there are two buttons to adjust the volume. What Xiaomi was guided by when designing was simplicity. This can be seen not only in appearance, but also in use.

Xiaomi soundbar


The sound emitted by the Xiaomi Soundbar is due to two 20-core dome tweeters, two 2,5-inch subwoofers and four passive radiators. The frequency of the sound being played is in the range 50 Hz - 25000 Hz, and the total power of all eight is 28W.

Currently soundbar I have connected to the TV via bluetooth. The sound is still better than with the speakers built into the TV. There are no delays, the sound perfectly matches the picture. Tomorrow I will have an optical cable, I am curious what the sound quality will be.

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