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Xiaomi Smart Home - where to start?

Xiaomi Smart Home

Would you like to introduce small automation in your home but you do not know how to do it? The Smart Home system from Xiaomi may seem complicated at first glance. You need to know what possibilities the device data offers, how it communicates with the others. I will present basic information about the system, how to start your adventure.

Unfortunately, in the Xiaomi ecosystem, not everything is clear, some things work, some have a regional blockade and operate only in China. For the time being, Xiaomi's Smart Home is mainly focused on the Chinese market, but it is increasingly coming out, an example can be great vacuum cleaner who already speaks English. Xiaomi is not the producer of all its products, it often finances startups from crowfunding platforms. Sometimes the twin products, mainly seen on the example of cameras, do not work with the MiHome application, which is the heart of practically everything from Xiaomi. At MiHome, we add and manage virtually all Xiaomi devices, creating links between them. Yeelight lighting bulbs and lamps are already from the level of the Yeelight application, however we can still create scenes with them with other Xiaomi devices in the Mi Home application.

Differentiation of devices

Xiaomi devices combine in three ways:

  • Bluetooth - you can not create scenes from the device communicating via Bluetooth
  • Wifi - we can connect from any place on earth, if only the device to which the device is connected has an internet connection.
  • ZigBee - devices are connected to gates, so-called Gatewayand the gateway connects to the router and we can also control from anywhere on the ground. However, without a gateway, devices that communicate with Zigbee will be useless. Zigbee devices are battery-powered, and thanks to the use of this transmission, the battery lasts for a year or two. A very energy-efficient connection.

I have created three lists, in which there is a list of all devices communicating in a certain way:

If any device is missing please let me know in the comment, I will add.

When you log in to the Mi Home application for the first time, you must select Region. Probably the majority with the choice of US or Chinese bushes, will choose US. You must choose China, choosing the United States will cause that some devices will not be displayed at all. If you are only interested in, for example, Yeelight bulbs, after selecting the Singapore location, we will be able to associate the bulbs with the portal The gate has a built-in lamp and a radio, the radio has only Chinese radio stations by default, but very much a simple way we can also add Polish.

The two most important rules of Xiaomi Smart Home, we choose the location of China and a gateway is needed for Zigbee devices.

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