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Xiaomi Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor - temperature sensor for a pittance.

Temperature sensors for a smart home must be expensive? Xiaomi, once again proves that cheap does not mean bad. For 8 $, around 33 zlotys we get a sensor, which in European manufacturers costs within 100 PLN, the measurement accuracy does not differ from the competition.

Temperature sensor works in the ZigBee wireless protocol so that you can connect to the device you need a Xiaomi Gateway and the Mi Home application. The device is very small, just 36x36x11.5mm. The set includes: temperature and humidity sensor with attached CR2032 battery, backup double-sided tape, operating instructions in Chinese.

xiaomi temperature sensor

xiaomi temperature sensor

In order to pair the sensor with the Xiaomi controller, just hold down the button on the top of the device for a moment, after a few seconds the device will appear in MiHome. The application looks very good, most of it is in English. Only the designation of the chart, which is very clear, is in Chinese. At the very beginning he receives a message about the general weather condition. Underneath, the exact temperature and humidity. The manufacturer declares the sensor to operate at a temperature of -20 to + 60 degrees Celsius and humidity 0% -100% RH. The accuracy of the temperature measurement is + -0,3-degree, and humidity + -3%. The application saves the current weather in memory and we have the ability to suspect the temperature on the graph in three periods of time. Daily, weekly and monthly. I could use an annual period, I hope that with some update we will get such an opportunity.

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xiaomi temperature sensor

We can configure the sensor to issue an order to another device when the temperature rises / decreases by one degree or the humidity changes by one percent. Mi Home application, for example, can send us a notification on the phone, or attach via Xiaomi Smart Socket, a heater that is connected to the outlet. If you do not mind the lack of Polish, you want to monitor the air temperature and humidity on a regular basis, I recommend the device. At this price there is nothing better.

Xiaomi Smart Temperature and Humidity Sensor I bought in the store Gearbest for 7,99 $.

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