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Xiaomi Roidmi F8 [unpacking] and first impressions

Roidmi F8

As soon as Xiaomi presented a new vacuum cleaner Roidmi F8 I wrote that I will buy it for sure. At the beginning, the price was over 400 $, thanks to the "new tax". I decided to wait a while until there was a satisfactory offer at I bought, after two weeks, DHL courier came to my door with the package. I did not have any additional charges when picking up the package, I chose Priority Line shipping.

Xiaomi Roidmi F8

The first surprise is the size of the package, I thought it would be bigger. The shipment was wrapped in plain foil, the carton of the vacuum cleaner is strong enough that nothing happened, despite the numerous wrinkles of cardboard.

Xiaomi Roidmi F8 [unpacking]

In the carton, everything placed in the right place, each element has its place in the extruded polystyrene. As I wrote, the risk of something being damaged is very small. The same as with the Xiaomi autonomous vacuum cleaners np, Roborock.

The set that I received consists of 10 parts, instruction manual and dowels for attaching the dock. A short brush in the middle is disconnected from the extension, I forgot to remove the two elements.

Xiaomi Roidmi F8 [unpacking]

I received an incomplete set

The set should consist of 12 parts, this information is provided by Gearbest store support. In the set that I received two parts missingare marked on the picture. It's a pity because flexible tube and short brush they will definitely be useful, even when cleaning the car. He will contact the Gearbest store to solve the problem.

[su_box title = "Update" box_color = "# fa4b2a" radius = "20 ″] Most people probably have not read the post yet and have already received instant response from the Gearbest store on the missing parts. The mistake will be fixed?

[/ su_box]

Roidmi R8 no elements

first impressions

It's time to start the equipment! The first "fire" went dirt, sand in the car. It has not been vacuumed for several months, which is why the wireless vacuum cleaner has faced a very difficult task. Sand scraps were pressed firmly into the floor. Roidmi R8 did not remove all the particles, but in my opinion it worked very well for a cordless vacuum cleaner.

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With the seat also F8 did well. I used to vacuum the car 4 and 11 elements decorated on the photo above. If I had a short brush with the 10 number, I think the car would be even more thoroughly cleaned. A small brush works on the same principle as a large one, the motor turns a cylindrical brush that better collects dirt from the surface than the element with the 11 number itself.

Roidmi F8

All brushes, tips are mounted on a quick connector, to loosen, press the gray, round button. Matching elements very good, quality of materials also. Operation is very simple to switch on and press and hold the button for a moment. If we press again, it will turn on turbo mode. After connecting the Roidmi F8 with a phone using bluetooth, you can choose one of the three power vacuum cleaner and view the cleaning statistics or filter wear.

Is it worth buying Roidmi F8?

Definitely yes! In my opinion, the car test is one of the the most difficult things which Roidmi F8 will have to clean. Dirt pressed deep into the center, with spilled petals on it, it's a puff. Every day, my house is vacuumed by an automatic vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi, Roborock. I needed a device that would allow me vacuum the stairs, clean up the scattered petals, vacuum the car. The most important for me to the vacuum cleaner was wireless. Pulling out of the cabinet, unwinding the cable was not an option. The vacuum cleaner is supposed to hang on the wall and always be ready to clean up in a minute.

There is one drawback

In 19, the second movie shows that a person takes a vacuum cleaner from the "dock" and starts cleaning. It really does not look so rosy. The dock has a magnet, but the dock itself will not hold the Roidmi F8 engine, it would fall. The vacuum cleaner must always be in contact with the ground, for example, it probably has a long pipe and a carpet end. The vacuum cleaner also does not charge wirelessly, inductively. The handle has a plug that covers the charging socket. You have to unveil and insert the tip from the power supply. Plus, the dock has a special groove where you can hold the cord.

Xiaomi Roidmi F8

During the first contact with Roidmi F8, apart from this small flaw, I did not find any shortcomings. Super equipment, great performance. In my opinion, Roidmi F8 works very well when cleaning the flat. Together with Roborock and a mop from Xiaomi it will be the perfect trinity. In a week, a maximum of two, I hope to uphold this thesis or overthrow it. Full review soon.

Xiaomi Roidmi F8 is currently a promotion in the store for $ 329.99 with free shipping.


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