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Is the Xiaomi Mi8 Explorer false?

xiaomi mi8 explorer edition

At the yesterday's conference in Shenzen, Xiaomi presented her new flagship Xiaomi Mi8 to the world. It is available in three variants. The first, the weakest is the Mi8 SE is a version with a smaller screen and weaker components. Xiaomi Mi8, flagship, but without a few goodies in the top version of the Xiaomi Mi8 Explorer Edition. It is in the most powerful model that fans of the brand have probably noticed inaccuracies and believe that they have not been fully informed.

Xiaomi Mi8 Explorer is fake?

Xiaomi Mi8 Explorer is fake? aaXiaomi Mi8 Explorer is fake?

After the conference there was a big wow, everyone reacted positively to the Xiaomi Mi8 Explorer Edition. was the first to exceed 300tys points in the popular Antutu performance test. The company Mi implemented the 3D face recognition system on an unprecedented level on the android, the same as it is in the iPhone X. However, if someone prefers to unlock with a finger, the fingerprint reader has been built into the screen. The front sensors and camera also support animosity. Screen used? Of course, the top AMOLED rear camera? In the test DXO ahead of iPhone X and Huawei P20 Pro. GPS in the Dual system is even more accurate. All this makes the Xiaomi Mi Explorer Edition smartphone in the top three, if not the first podium.

However, it is time for the most important Chinese manufacturer to be the first to present a smartphone with an unprecedented look, the back of the back is made of transparent glass and you can see the components inside. On Twitter, they roar components that can be seen through a beautiful glass housing are just mock-ups. Used only to present themselves nicely, they do not add anything to the performance of the smartphone. There were accusations that this sticker but Xiaomi quickly denied such reports.

Na Xiaomi padły oskarżenia że elementy są ułożone zbyt doskonale aby mogły być prawdziwe. Próżno szukać pasty termicznej, powszechnie stosowane przy projektowaniu płyty głównej. Komponenty są za daleko od siebie. Użytkownik Twittera o nazwie @ChengmingAlpert stwierdził wręcz że czerwony procesor Qulacomm Snapdragon 845 który najbardziej przykuwa uwagę gdy spojrzymy na tył, nie powinien być zamontowany w takiej pozycji.

Dziennikarz The Verge napisał do Xiaomi i uzyskał odpowiedz:

[su_quote cite = "Xiaomi"] The transparent back of the Mi 8 Explorer Edition is really made of transparent glass and there is no sticker or picture under it. The components you see in the upper half, for example, are part of a real motherboard. [/ Su_quote]

xiaomi mi8 explorer edition

Battery capacity in the Mi8 Explorer Edition

is 3000mAh, the basic Mi8 has a built-in battery with a higher capacity of 400mAh, 3400mAh. Xiaomi explained that the smaller battery is by using a fingerprint reader built into the display. However, maybe it unused components have less battery space left? Most people will use the phone in the case, so the glass back will be seen once in a few weeks.

The most probable theory for this moment is the components visible on the back of the Xiaomi Mi8 Explorer Edition are real, but they do not work, arranged for a clutter. If all this turns out to be true, then I will be disappointed. In defense of Xiaomi, I have to say that the company did not inform the company about the fact that the elements work inside. On the other hand, she also did not say that they do not work. It remains to wait until the first videos on Youtube from unfolding the smartphone into parts.

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