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Xiaomi Notebook Pro 15 '. [Extracting]

xiaomi pro 15

For two years Xiaomi had only 12,5 and 13,3 inch laptops in its offer. 11 September Xiaomi presented the Xiaomi Notebook Pro laptop with a diagonal 15 '. Equipped with Intel 8 generation processors and Geforce MX150 graphics cards.

Three versions of the 15 laptop are available:

I decided to model with i5. All versions have the same parameters except those given above. There is no option with a larger disk, only 256 GB. This is the Chinese answer to Macbook Pro from Apple.

Immediately you can see on which producer they modeled by creating a box, Apple as painted.

xiaomi notebook pro 15 unboxingxiaomi notebook pro 15 unboxingxiaomi notebook pro 15 unboxingxiaomi notebook pro 15 unboxingxiaomi notebook pro 15 unboxingxiaomi notebook pro 15 unboxingIn the middle outside the computer we get a power supply, cable and a showy manual.

xiaomi notebook pro

The only difference in packing relative to a bitten apple is "padding" the top of the box with a soft sponge.

xiaomi notebook pro

The power supply is not terminated with a plug adapted to Polish sockets and you must use an adapter. It is a pity that Xiaomi has not decided to use interchangeable plugs in the power supply, which we remove from the rest of the power supply.

xiaomi charger

Time for the most important of the box, laptop. It is made the same as smaller models, the housing is entirely of aluminum. No plastic, a big plus. It looks like an aluminum mouse pad from above, no manufacturer's logo. It is a pity, in my opinion, the orange, glowing Mi logo would improve the look. I did not have such a large laptop, always within the limits of 13cala, feel almost 2kg in hand, it weighs 15 'pro.

xiaomi pro 15xiaomi pro 15xiaomi pro 15

On the left side there is a USB port, two 3.0 USB port and 3,5mm mini-jack socket.

xiaomi pro 15

On the right side, Xiaomi has placed an SD card reader, two USB-C ports and a two-color charging LED (green, orange). We charge the laptop via the USB-C port, it's a pity that Xiaomi did not put USB-C ports on both sides. Loading a MacBook Pro from any website is a big plus.

xiaomi pro 15

Last days work on the Macbook Pro, the first impression when typing on the keyboard in Xiaomi Pro 15 'are small keys. And this little prosterek on Touch Pad is a fingerprint reader, I'm curious how it will work.

xiaomi pro 15

xiaomi pro 15

Turn on the laptop in the upper right corner. Click, 1..2..3 .. did not start. I had to connect to charging to turn on. Strange because later it turned out that it had over 50% of battery. They have not yet copied from Apple that after lifting the lid in a brand new computer it automatically starts.

I have read that the need to connect the power supply at the first start is a deliberate procedure, to eliminate accidental start during transport (?), I do not know how it is possible.

The computer greeted me, China ...

xiaomi notebook chinese

xiaomi notebook chinese

And a small performance test

geekbench 4 xiaomi pro 15

In the next episode, the entry will show you how to change the system language to "usable" in Xiaomi Notebook Pro 15, in the smaller brother you had to do the same.

I wonder how this piece will be suitable for playing, it's a good thing because from 14 November Starcraft 2 is free. Anyone eager for a match?


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