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Xiaomi Mouse, an unintelligent mouse from the Chinese giant.

Xiaomi Mouse

I am a fan of the Xiaomi brand, I appreciate them for the high quality of products. That's why I do not only use Smart products, but I also use other accessories such as powerbank, cable organizer. Now it's time for the Xiaomi Mouse wireless mouse.

Xiaomi Mouse

Xiaomi Mouse is in an elegant, white, minimalist package, you can see the design from Apple, although not entirely. The appearance of the device is printed on the box, the company from Cupertino "extrudes" the appearance of the device on the front of the box. In addition to the Xiaomi Mouse on the bottom of the package there is also a manual in Chinese, the mouse is not officially offered outside of Asia. The device uses two Bluetooth communication capabilities 4.0 and Wi-Fi 2,4gHz. The mouse is made of sandblasted aluminum and weighs only 77grams, and the range in Bluetooth technology is up to 10m. Xiaomi declares compatibility with the Windows 7,8,10 system. Personally, I used the macOS system and did not have any problems with communication between the devices.

Xiaomi MouseThe Xiaomi mouse has three plastic buttons with three buttons. Left, work and scroll which can also be pressed. At the back of the device there is a diode at the top indicating that the mouse is on and established a Bluetooth / Wi-Fi connection. Below the ON / OFF sliding switch and the optical sensor, which has an efficiency at 95%, a big advantage is that it can also be used on a glass surface. At the bottom of the flap under which there are already included in the set two "small sticks" AA for power and attention, mini Bluetooth receiver for USB which can be placed in the computer if it does not have Bluetooth. A good step on the part of Xiaomi that took care of this detail.

Xiaomi Mouse

Xiaomi Mouse has a very specific shape, it is flat. Most of the mice I've used so far have been contoured so that the whole surface of the hand touches the device. In the Xiaomi product, we only touch the bottom of the device and the top where the buttons are, in the middle our palm hangs in the air. Not every option will fit, if you are not sure how you will find yourself in this shape, do a small test. Grab a rectangular device such as a smartphone and simulate mouse movements. Personally, after a week, I adapted to such a hand layout and did not feel the need to change to a device of a different shape. While pressing the buttons, you can hear a gentle click, I did not have any problem with the device. I always carried out orders very well and precisely, I use them for office work, I did not play games. I do not know how it works when playing Starcraft or Counter-Strike.


Xiaomi Mouse it is available for purchase for around 18 $, I bought my copy in the store I think that it is a very good price for a device of this quality, solidly made. A good replacement for the 399 mouse Magic 2 from Apple. Thanks to its small size and light weight it will be perfect for traveling. A big plus for Xiaomi for adding a Bluetooth USB receiver to the set that we can put in the computer. However, a specific flat shape will not suit everyone.

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