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Xiaomi iHealth glucometer, help for diabetics.

Xiaomi iHealth glucometer

I already have a pressure measuring instrument and thermometers in my offer. Recently, they presented another life monitoring product. Xiaomi iHealth Glucometer, when I saw this product I had one lot but, why did they use the 3,5mm mini-jack connector when it is already a thing of the past? Halo Xiaomi, we have the end of 2017 year - mini-jack dies. After a long reflection, they did the right thing. Abandoning wireless connectivity has reduced the overall size and reduced the price.

The World Health Organization reported that 2014 million people in the world lived in 422 with diabetes, and by the year 2030 will be the seventh of the most common causes of deaths. Xiaomi has noticed the problem and tries to help people suffering from everyday life.

Xiaomi iHealth glucometer

Xiaomi iHealth glucometer

The device is plugged into our smarton through the headphone connector and we launch the iHealth app. Then put a drop of blood on a special strip and insert it into the device (you do not know how much will cost strips, we get 25 pieces for the set) After a while we will be able to read the test results on the smartphone screen. Just as with iHealth, the results are saved in the cloud and we can monitor sugar levels at longer intervals. Mobility is definitely the biggest feature. We will be able to take Xiaomi iHealth Glucometer with you everywhere, just do not forget the adapter if you do not have a headphone connector. The device is powered by a CR1620 battery that is included in the kit.

Availability and price

Unfortunately, at the moment no store offers the shipment of Xiaomi Glucometer to Poland. one can subscribe to the list and we'll get a notification when it's sent. The price in China is 99RMB, which is around 54 PLN.

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