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Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s will have an even better camera

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s will have an even better camera

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s camera is a milestone to its predecessors. Xiaomi finally could boast of a smartphone that takes good photos. Another smartphone from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi Mi 8 turned out to be even better and stood on second place on the podium in still photography. Reaching 105 points in the DXO test. Leaving only the Huawei P20 Pro, which achieved the score with 4 points larger, for comparison The iPhone X is up to 8 points back.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s will have an even better camera

I have good news for all owners and people planning to buy Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S. Lei Jun, CEO Xiaomi announced on the Chinese facebook, social networking site Weibo that the third generation of the first "frameless" from Xiaomi will receive camera software updates. "The giver of the software" will be the flagship Xiaomi Mi 8. The Mi Mix 2s frameless frame currently has a camera at the level of the iPhone X, when the update will be carried out, it will overcome the competition. As a reminder, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S has a dual photographic module at the back of the casing Sony IMX363 (12 MP, F / 1.8) + Samsung S5K3M3 (12 MP, F / 2.0). It has also been equipped with an optical image stabilizer in the 4 axes supported by a very fast Dual PDAF focusing system.

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People planning to buy a new smartphone, especially women, are mainly considering the selection the quality of the offered photos. That's why Mi MIix 2s will be the perfect purchase without ruining your wallet. Phone Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s You can buy from China too 1600zł. Soon it will also officially go to Poland. However, the price will be much higher, up to PLN 2599 for the same version of 6 / 64GB.

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