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Xiaomi Mi Max 3 vs Mi Max 2. Is it worth changing?

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 vs Mi Max 2

I gave a new device to Xiaomi many recent entries, new leaks hit the network, tomorrow this saga will end because the smartphone will be officially presented. I think that then the theme of the Mi Mix series, "frameless" from Xiaomi will come back. However, let's go back to Mi Max 3, the network got a graphic summarizing the entire specification of the device that I did not publish, because the content doubles with the previous entries.


Do you have Xiaomi Mi Max 2 and do not know if it is worth buying a new model? I will present what will be new to the latest giant from Xiaomi. I hope that it will help you make a decision.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 vs Mi Max 2

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 vs Mi Max 2

Looking at the picture above, I think you have no problem to find out which is Mi Max 3, and who is his older brother Mi Max 2. Of course, the older version is on the left. In order to compare the two models in the most transparent way, I created tables:

A short comment

As you can see from the table and from the photo, the dimensions of both models are similar, but thanks to the abandonment of the bottom buttons the diagonal of the display has significantly increased. Instead of buttons you can use gestures, it is very convenient. The battery does not make much difference, but in charging already. It's a Quick Charge 3.0, which will speed up the loading process. When the Mi Max 2 came to the market, many people complained that Xiaomi did not refresh the processor. The pair had the same model as the first generation smartphone from 2016 r0ku. If you decide to make a triple with the Snapdragon 636, the new phone will definitely run a lot smoother. The rear camera is also a milestone in relation to the previous generation which had only one lens, in the end you will be able to enjoy the portrait mode. The front camera has also improved and introduces face recognition. The fingerprint reader is located in the same place at the back of the housing. The prices are not known yet, we only know that the Mi Max 3 will cost below 2000 yuan or $ 300.

Xiaomi Mi Max 3

The Xiaomi Mi Max 3 phone will be presented tomorrow, and the sale will hit the day after tomorrow. Reservation via is now possible, unfortunately only in China. If the information is confirmed, the NFC is the most painful again. What do you think? Will you change?

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