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Kettle Xiaomi controlled by smartphone [unpacking]

Kettle xiaomi

Kettle Xiaomi has been in the portfolio of the Chinese giant for a long time, but it was not until the Black Friday and good promotion that I decided to buy it.

There is one person who was dissatisfied with my purchase, postman. The box is large, it's good that there are no more people like me in the neighborhood

A minimalistic box like Apple's, i.e. Xiaomi. They've got used to it, and thank them for it. The kettle is well protected with Styrofoam, has survived the trip from China without any problem.

The shape, in my opinion, is simple, minimal and at the same time nice. Minus is of course a Chinese plug, but I will cut and set up adapted to Polish sockets. The cord is 3x longer than in the picture above. It is wrapped inside the stand.

The Xiaomi kettle is smart!xiaomi mi mix

And now it's time for the most important thing that sets it apart from the competition. Smart functions, connecting to the phone via Bluetooth. It is possible to define to which temperature the water is to be heated and then maintained. Of course, the kettle can also be operated with the buttons on the casing. The first impression is very positive, I hope I will not be disappointed

Promotions on the Xiaomi Kettle, However, be careful when buying. There are two versions.

  • Without the silver ring upwards it is devoid of Bluetooth, smart function.
  • With a silver ring, like the one in the entry.
  • I have it for a longer time and I recommend it, it warms up quickly, the steel in the middle is of good quality.

    Friends asked where to buy such, especially those who have these modern small kitchens 😀 in stores something similar design costs 3-4x drozej

  • Gentlemen, write with his volume, it's very hissing when the water starts to boil?
    For me, it is the most important that it is not loud.
    Thank you in advance and best regards

  • Can the kettle be switched from a distance? Is there an option to set the hour of heating water (even synchronization with the alarm clock), the option of heating after returning home, etc.?

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