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Gimbal Xiaomi at an attractive price.

xiaomi gimbal

Recently, Xiaomi introduced a selfie stick to the offer, this time it went a step further. Introduces a device that will make it easier to record perfect movies. Gimbal is a device that provides a stable image without any vibrations of the hand during recording.

A movie showing the operation of Gimbali

Xiaomi called her device Three-axis Shooting Stabilizer. It has an extensive shooting mode: horizontal motion, movement around the axis, blocking direction and vertical mode.It is made of ABS plastic combined with fiberglass. Dimensions of gimbal: 266 x 53 x 43 mm. The device is a bit heavy compared to smatfones because it weighs up to 450g. Equipped with a 1050 mAh battery, it allows 4 recording hours.

Three-axis Shooting Stabilizer

Xiaomi gimbal costs 799 yuan, or about 460 PLN. He buys the device as soon as it is available in Chinese stores and sends it to our beautiful country.

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