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Xiaomi Gateway - central, brain of a smart home.

xiaomi gateway

Xiaomi Gateway device from which I should start describing the smart home system from Xiaomi. In order to operate switches, sensors, all devices from a Chinese manufacturer communicating in the ZigBee protocol, a central unit is needed.

What is ZigBee?

it is a data transmission protocol in wireless networks. Its greatest feature is low power consumption and long range, even to 100m. In practice, this means that with a temperature and humidity sensor, for example, the Xiaomi battery lasts up to two years. Zigbee is not a "child" Xiaomi, it was created thanks to the organization ZigBee Alliance, over its development works over 150 companies from around the world.


Xiaomi Gateway

Gateway has a compact size for this type of device, usually the central units are the size of the router. The device from Xiaomi has the dimensions 8cmxXUMXcmx8cm. It is made of plastic, but all elements are well-fitted. There is a loudspeaker on the front and a Chinese lamp placed around the manufacturer. It has only one button on the side for pairing with a smartphone, all configuration is done using a telephone. The control unit has no port.

Xiaomi Gateway

We mount directly in the 230V socket. Unfortunately for us, the device is manufactured for the Asian market. It is necessary to use an adapter that significantly extends the device.

Xiaomi Gateway

MiHome applicationmiHome

After connecting the device to the power supply, we traditionally pair with the MiHome application by pressing + in the upper right corner. Home start screen is divided into two parts. The upper one shows the status of the alarm, radio, and lights - functions built into the Gateway. Switch between them by moving the screen to the right / left. The bottom shows information about the status of all devices that we will add.

Another tab is Auto. In this place, we can create scenes and view all that we have. Xiaomi proposes to us 5 scenes for the beginning.

  • Twilight sensor - lamp - the function is to light the lamp if it's dark, it does not work for me. We can manually define the hours in which it is to shine.
  • Alarm - we define in which hours the scene should work, which sensors should trigger an alarm. Gateway has a dozen or so sounds that will start to sound like a police siren, dog barking or more hardcore, sniper shooting. If it does not meet our expectations, we can make our own. The device has a built-in lamp, when it detects a hazard, it will flash red. Gateways communicate with each other because if we have more than one device, activating the alarm function in one, it can automatically run in the other.
  • Lamp - the control unit is usually installed in the corridor, we can program it to shine eg from midnight to five o'clock in the morning, illuminating the way for "night marks".
  • Alarm clock - if we decided to put the Gateway in the bedroom can fulfill the role of an alarm clock.
  • Doorbell - if we buy button, we will receive a door bell. If we are not at home, we can know that someone wanted to visit us. The gateway will send a notification to the smartphone as soon as the button is pressed.

The rest of the scenes depend on us, we create ourselves, depends on the number of Xiaomi devices we have and our imagination. Most devices can interact with the other. For example, if the temperature drops below 20, it will turn on the socket from the radiator. If it detects movement, the light will come on. Opening the window will turn off the air purifier.

The last tab is Device. At this point all devices connected to the control panel will appear, we can also add another one via Add Subdevice at the bottom of the list.

Xiaomi Gateway Xiaomi Gateway

FM radio via Xiaomi Gateway

the device is equipped with a loudspeaker therefore it can act as an internet radio receiver. Unfortunately, only Chinese stations are available as standard, however I described the beginning of the year as with a simple step, you can add many other stations including BBC, RMF, ZET and others.


Is it worth buying? Definitely yes, must have. My central unit has been working for a year. Once I disconnected from the power to take pictures, I did not hang up once. Instantly responds to all kinds of scenes, I've never had any problem.

Xiaomi Gateway can be purchased as stand-alone device. It is also available in 5w 1 set with under devices, we get: central unit, socket, motion sensor, door / window sensor, round button. Each device can also be purchased separately. If you decide on a set, I recommend buying it temperature / humidity sensor.

  • Is it possible to do something like this:
    - we stick the door sensor on the door,
    -with the gateway we are uploading a recorded ringtone eg "Welcome home", which turns on after opening the door?

  • How do I pair the gataway with the mi home app? I click on +, it automatically does not find me gatawaya, I click add manually, asks for a reset and after it still can not find. Do I do something wrong?

  • Hi, if the signal of this station is so strong that if it mounts in the hall and the temperature sensor outside the block's facade - ie the signal for the passage will have a wall supporting the flat and façade wall / window (the sensor is going to stick to the window frame), can I read the data without a problem? Unfortunately, I have a flat from the south, so I must miraculously make the device do measurements from the north ... I will be grateful for the answer.

  • I wonder if it is possible to use 2 speakers at the same time, for example to have separate door bells but paired with one account or to extend the scope of the sensors to the backyard and garage.

  • So if only I would like the opening / closing sensor and the camera connected to it (it starts to record the rest after opening the door by, for example, 5 minutes) then this central unit is necessary if I can connect the camera + sensor directly?

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