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Xiaomi Amazfit 2S is a beautiful watch with a technological soul

The Amazfit brand appliances have achieved unquestionable success in the past year. Smartwatch Amazfit Pace has a large fan base around the world. It is a very good product for lovers of monitoring physical activity. For a long time I wore a watch on a daily basis Xiaomi Huami AMAZFIT BipI was very pleased with it. The biggest plus was the very long battery life, over 20 days. Xiaomi, however, presented the second generation of the successful Pace model, appearing under the name Pace 2, Amazfit Stratos or simply Amazfit 2. There are two versions available: regular 2 or 2s version, which I decided for. The version with the esca differs from the traditional one, it has a leather belt and sapphire glass. It can be said that this is a premium variant and looks much better on the hands.

Xiaomi Amazfit 2S

amazfit 2s

The Smartwatch arrives packed like a watch from the top shelf for thick thousands. In this matter, Xiaomi definitely overtook Apple, you can see the attention to detail. I have nothing to cling to, I will not elaborate more thoroughly, I described everything in this entry while unpacking Xiaomi Amazfit 2s. World class, this is how it should be done. However, this only applies to the 2S model, the basic model no longer looks so impressive.

Xiaomi Amazfit 2S

Xiaomi Amazfit 2S strongly encourages you to wear it with its very appearance. It presents much more elegantly than the first generation. It is no longer dedicated only to active people, the 2S version can be worn by almost everyone and will feel good with it.

Xiaomi designers said that the watch should have buttons and the second generation received three physical buttons made of 316L marine steel, it is the most durable and corrosion-resistant steel grade. I used my watch for 5 for months, I just took off for charging. He had contact with water every day, sometimes even longer when swimming, but the buttons are like new. In one of the buttons the microphone is hidden, the watch can be used as a voice recorder. However, it depends on the uploaded version of the software, not every one supports such functionality.

The watch has a silicone band

Landing? Unfortunately, not inductive ...

At the back of the watch there are four magnetic connectors for charging, you have to put the watch in the special docking station supplied with the set. It is a pity that Xiaomi has not yet decided on inductive charging. The watch needs to be charged every few days, position on an induction charger it would significantly simplify the life of smartwatch holders.

Below the charging connectors there is a heart rate sensor, slightly offset downwards from the first generation. It has to improve the accuracy of the measurement. Xiaomi Amazfit 2s is waterproof, has 5 ATM grade. I agree with the description below, however, my copy of 2S jumping into the water also survived.

[su_quote cite = ""] 5 ATM - a watch resistant to frequent contact with water, partial immersion, allows you to use it while swimming, but without jumping into the water and diving. [/ Su_quote]

The watch's envelope is made of hand-polished ceramics mixed with reinforced polycarbonate. The display is covered with a curved 2,5D glass, in my copy 2S the glass is sapphire. Like a real Swiss watch. It is very scratch resistant after almost I do not have a single scratch for half a year. I do not destroy devices, but I do not care about them especially, for comparison my iPhone X already has many tolls on the front. This proves that the Xiaomi Amazfit 2S screen is indeed top-notch.

Cheaper variant of Amazfit 2, no bedside

I can not comment on the strength of the tempered Gorilla Glass that occurs in a cheaper model, but in my set I also received a second silicone strip. The same is in the basic model. If I had a leather belt installed, I had no problem with sweating under the belt, in the silicone version the skin does not breathe anymore and the hand sweats. I have the same when I wear the new Xiaomi Mi Band 3. In terms of belt replacement, the whole takes several dozen seconds, just move the two "hebelki" sideways and ready. If the belt does not match, you can easily buy replacements on Gearbestbut I have nowhere to find an official leather band.

One of the most important things in the smartwatch - the display

Xiaomi Amazfit 2S

Xiaomi Amazfit has a transflective color LCD touch screen, it is round but has a small bend at the bottom in which the brightness sensor is hidden. There are five brightness modes to choose from, there is also an automatic mode that automatically adjusts the backlight power to the conditions around you. When the automatic mode is activated and a bystander looks at the watch, it finds that it is terribly dark. It bothered me at first, but after a while I got used to it.

The size of the display is 1,34 inch with 320 px x XUMUM px resolution. It has excellent visibility in full sun. The viewing angles are also very good, but only when the display is clean, so virtually never. When we pass the finger several times, there are traces which later bumping. On the watch, however, everyone looks centrally, so no problem. To wake up the screen, tap it twice or press the top button. I always used the button, so as you can see it makes sense to install physical buttons for smartwatches.

The function on the watch that I used every day is the weather for the next 5 days, like a trifle and really useful.

Amazfit 2s


The brain is the Ingenic M200S processor clocked at 1,2 GHz. It has 512 MB RAM and 4 GB internal memory, but remember that it is partially occupied by the system. The user remains around 2,5 GB. A free space can be used to send music, audiobooks, download other applications or discs. Bluetooth is in the 4.0 version, except for Wi-Fi and GPS / Glonass. The second-generation Amazfit also has a range of sensors: a heart rate monitor, a three-axis gyroscope, a barometer, a compass or the brightness sensor mentioned earlier.


Smartwatch is equipped with a battery with 290 mAh capacity, Xiaomi ensures that it is enough for 5 days. Xiaomi in its 5 days includes receiving around 200 notifications and using GPS for 35 hours with pulse measurement. In my opinion, such a result is unachievable, but there is nothing to complain about. This is definitely better than when I used Apple Watch. On average, I have to charge the batteries every 5 days, assuming that I do not use GPS, only the pulse measurement. In the event of unloading the watch can be recharged without any problem during the day, because it takes only two hours to full, only the damn dock ...


I did not have a problem with them many times. It displays exactly what I have marked, without any delays. If we want to view the latest notifications, we have to unlock the watch and move the finger from the bottom to the upper edge. We see everything then on a tray, we can delete or preview in more detail by selecting a given one. The watch informs who is calling, but due to the lack of a loudspeaker it can not be picked up.

Amazfit 2s

GPS Compass

Works very well, quickly catches satellites. It also works well in the city, it does not lose its range between high buildings. The only drawback is that the watch can only be officially connected to the Strava application. No support for Endomondo. However, there is a way you need to use the site tapiirk to synchronize with the popular Endomondo in Poland.

Amazfit 2s

Amazfit 2s

Amazfit 2s

Sleep monitoring

This is the function that I am happy with on every Xiaomi hand tool. Surprisingly well determines the moments in which I fell asleep and woke up. I miss only an intelligent wake-up call that would choose from 6: 30 - 7.00 the best moment to wake up. A long time ago the Mi Fit application offered such an option, it is a question of software and I hope that it will come back soon.

Personal trainer

One of the options that I missed in Haumi Bip was a personal trainer. Amazfit 2 is already introducing this functionality. There are five programs to choose from:

  • Amateur
  • 3,1K
  • 6,2K
  • Half Marathon
  • Marathon

The application assigns us daily tasks so that we can prepare ourselves, for example, to run a marathon. The training is planned for 8 weeks, during which we will run a total of 270,9 km. Trainings are different, from a free three-kilometer run, through a fast six-kilometer run, and ending with a fifteen-kilometer walker and all this in the first week. A nice option if you're an amateur and you want to run a marathon, thank you.

In the Mi Fit application, you can also set interval training according to time or distance.

Xiaomi Amazfit 2S

Music without a phone!

Certainly a big plus for users with bluetooth headphones is the fact that you do not need a phone to enjoy your favorite songs while running or cycling. Just upload .mp3 files to the Xiaomi Amazfit 2S watch via the Amazfit application, but from where in the Spotify times to take mp3?

I bought my copy in the store but they no longer offer the 2S version. Normal 2 is already sold in an international version, so there will be no problem with the Chinese language.

The 2s version is available in the store

update 28.10.2018

The 2S version returned to the store! Shipping priority line ensures the lack of vatu 🙂

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