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Xiaomi Mijia Hey, what's next with Mi Band?

Xiaomi today presented a surprising product. Just a few months after the release of the newest version of the most popular smart tracker in the world of Mi Band, Xiaomi Mijia Hey hit the Xiaomi funding platform. The new product looks reminiscent of Mi Banda 3 but has one key difference, a color screen. There will be a new king on the market? I do not understand Xiaomi's policy, the new product will compete with Mi Band 3 after all. Xiaomi could present Mi Band 3S in two months, then it would be a natural turn of events.

Xiaomi Mijia Hey, what's next with Mi Band?

As I mentioned the appearance of the new band, it looks like the band Mi Band 3. The display is 0,95 AMOLED inch screen with 240 x 120p resolution. The biggest change is the color display, the band can be personalized under each other by choosing the right wallpaper. The entire menu in color looks much better, the weather, everything looks more aesthetically pleasing. It has the same airtightness as the Mi Band 3, you can dive to a depth of 50 meters. At the moment there is no information whether the new headband is compatible with Mi Fit, or you can with Mi Home.

Xiaomi Mijia Hey

What can the blindband do? Practically the same as Mi Band 3. Student is able to monitor physical activity, number of steps taken during the day, distance traveled, calories burned. In a simple and quick way, you can view the weather forecast for the next few days, or read the content of the SMS that has just arrived on your smartphone. Sleep monitoring is also not missed. The backside has the same heart rate sensor as in the Mi Band 3 and also has an NFC module. Unfortunately, it will only be useful for the people of China.

Xiaomi Mijia Hey

It's good that Xiaomi has finally decided to change the charging method and you do not have to pull the electronics out of the wristband. Just place the docking station on the back of the armband.

Xiaomi Mijia Hey

Price Xiaomi Mijia Hey is 229 yuan, $ 33. The product will definitely prove to be a hit because on the crowdfunding platform it already reached 692% of the amount needed. Shipping to customers who bought the product on the financing platform will start on September 20. Soon, there will be presale in some stores offering import to Europe, herring Sunday posts with new items to buy.


Xiaomi Mijia Hey is already available in the store, according to the information on the site, shipped in less than a week.

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