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Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 noticed in the source code

Xiaomi Mi pad 4

Information about the next generation of the tablet from Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 appeared in the source code of the official website of the Chinese giant. Next month it will be presented at the official Xiaomi conference We are Max 3, rumors have reported that during the same event will be shown Redmi 6 Pro and that's it Mi Pad 4.

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4

Xiaomi announced last year that it does not intend to abandon the tablet market. Despite the apparent drop in sales of large touch devices, it is very likely that the M1806D9W device is the next generation of tablets with the Mi logo. The table below shows the certificate given to the new product by China Compulsory Certification (3C).

Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 3c

In addition to information about what product we are dealing with, the table also shows information about voltage and charging current. Fixed voltage 5V and current 2A, for me I would rather prefer Quick Charge 3.0, and preferably 4.0.

The record about the new Xiaomi tablet is also in the CMIIT database. From the table widać na jakich częstotliwościach Wifi będzie działał tablet  5,8 GHz / 2,4 GHz. Nie ma żadnej informacji związanej z modułem 3G, dlatego bardzo prawdopodobne, że Mi Pad 4 tak samo jak poprzednik będzie posiadał tylko wersje Wi-Fi. Nie będzie slotu na kartę SIM.

M1806D9W-CMIIT mi 4 pad

Two months ago, rumors leaked that the new tablet should have a battery 6000mAh, 600mAh worse than Mi Pad 3. The brain is to be a processor Snapdragon 660also in this case I would prefer a more top processor. If the rumors about the processor work, I regret that Xiaomi has not taken such a course as Apple in the case of tablets. I would like a tablet with strong "guts" and a larger screen, preferably around 12 inches. And Xiaomi will offer a tiny and weak, well, that eventually it will be Snapdragon which is supported by This will be the first tablet from Xiaomi with a Qualcomm processor

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