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How do you fill the Xiaomi soap?

Xiaomi Mijia Automatically Touchless Foaming Dish - how to fill it?

I thought filling the Xiaomi automatic soap dispenser was easy and no one would have a problem with it. You can of course buy original Xiaomi cartridges, however, they cost a lot and it is not profitable. Yesterday I came across the network for an article in which a person took an idea from the eastern neighbors and uses a syringe to fill with liquid. It also uses the proportions of liquid and water, normally Panoramiks. I snorted, you can do it much easier and at a low cost. The way is trivial.

Xiaomi Automatically Touchless Foaming Dish - how to fill Xiaomi soap?

filling xiaomi soap

It's what we need to have this soap in the foam, I recommend it with Allegro. It only costs 14,99 PLN for 5Lit works perfectly. Just as good as the original from Xiaomi.

soap to fill Xiaomi

When we have soap, just fill the container. The action is really simple, banal. Pull out the container for the liquid, and turn the upper part. At some point, the plastic hooks let go and you can pour the purchased liquid without problems

xiaomi soap
xiaomi soap
xiaomi soap
xiaomi soap

After pouring the soap, simply place the upper part and press into the filled container. Plastic fasteners will automatically surprise and ready, the soap filled. The Polish equivalent of allegro foams just as well as the original from Xiaomi, the smell of lily of the valley suits me. Instead of spending 35 PLN on a small container 250ml from Xiaomi, we will pay 15 PLN for a large 5L baniak.

xiaomi soap

The device itself, Xiaomi soap I highly recommend. I've already filled 3 times. It works perfectly at home. Much more hygienic than traditional soap.

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