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Xiaomi 20W wireless car charger [unpacking]

This year's Xiaomi flagship, the Mi 9 model is the first smartphone in the world that supports wireless charging with power up to 20W. In practice, this means that You can charge the 9 wirelessly faster than the Mi 8 with a cord!

Together with the phone, the Chinese giant presented inductive chargers that support the new 20W charging standard. A variant is available for the desk as well as the car version. It is in the car that the faster charging will be most useful, the navigation drains the battery very much. If you had a "weak" wireless charger, your smartphone would be discharged faster than it charged. It saved the use of the cable, but for me it is an uncomfortable solution.

The Xiaomi 20W wireless car charger has a proximity sensor that automatically opens the side holders as soon as we approach the sensor. Look at the video below, do you think it's a genius solution?

The charger / bracket should be permanently connected to the 12V socket in the car. On the side of the housing there is a button for sliding the side holders when you want to pull the phone out. I have been using the charger for a few days and always forget to pull out the smartphone before switching off the engine .. so I have to pull the smartphone out by pulling it up. There is no risk of it being scratched because the side holders are covered with delicate rubber bands.

What's in the box?

Together with the charger we get a power cord, a 12V charger with two inputs and an alternative mounting element. Let me start with the 12V charger: connect the wireless charger to the red socket to take full advantage of the 20W power. I connected the second one 70Mai 1944P car cameraworks without a problem.

The standard assembly method is pressing in the aisle, thanks to the button and spring it will adjust to 95% of the vents (both thick ones and thin ones). However, if you would like to mount it in a different place, Xiaomi adds a special element with a double-sided tape to the box, which can be glued anywhere.

What surprised me is the fan. Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger 20W is the first induction charger I have seen with a fan to ensure adequate cooling. If you have an electric car, you can hear a slight noise while driving at low speed.

So far, I did not notice any disadvantages, definitely the best car holder / charger and for this forward-looking, because the most powerful. In the shop Banggood is available for $ 34.79 with a micarqi rebate code.

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