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Xiaomi gas sensor, made by Honeywell. Integration with MiHome.

Xiaomi gas sensor

After the smoke detector, the Chinese giant introduces another sensor to our offer, which cares about our safety. Personally, I silently counted on the carbon monoxide sensor, but for now Honeywell made a natural gas sensor for Xiaomi.

Xiaomi gas sensorThe Xiaomi gas sensor has a traditional alarm (sound and flashing diode) and a remote alarm, we will receive a notification on the smartphone when the gas concentration in the room reaches an alarm condition. Like the smoke detector, the device will remind you to perform a self-test to confirm the device's performance. Thanks to the connection with the MiHome application, we can commission such a test automatically every given period of time. In my opinion, a very good solution, in the event of an irregularity will be informed. I wonder how many people who have traditional sensors use the test button regularly.

The wall sensor should be located at a distance 1-4 from the "gas source", and the distance from the ceiling should not be less than 30cm. When mounted on the ceiling, the distance between the Xiaomi sensor and the "gas source" should not exceed 4m, and it can not be mounted directly to us with a gas emitting device. The manufacturer declares that the device can operate at temperatures between -10 and + 55 degrees. Dimensions 80mmx 29mm, and 90g weight. There are no gas sensors for batteries, if someone has met with such a comment, please. A year ago they were, but they were withdrawn, just because of the power-hunger. The sensor used in the device is too power-consuming and it always needs a constant 230V power supply. The power cord supplied with the device has a length of 1,9m. I am happy to create a natural gas sensor by Xiaomi, if necessary and unfortunately we will be informed about the high concentration, we will be able to remotely turn on the ventilation and disconnect the threatening devices, thanks to the integration with the Xiaomi ecosystem.

Xiaomi gas sensor
Wall mounting
Xiaomi gas sensor
Ceiling mounting

The Xiaomi gas sensor is in a crowdfunding campaign and costs 199 yuan, 29 $. The device will go on sale this year. I hope that the next sensor in the Chinese giant's offer will be the carbon monoxide detector.

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