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The new Xiaomi Mija vacuum cleaner - ideal for allergy sufferers

From today, crowdfunding will be opened on the Youpin platform for this new gadget from Xiaomi.

The Mija vacuum cleaner has been designed for people who suffer from allergies. In this case, it is supposed to eliminate mites and allergens contained in our home. A big plus we can add is the lack of power cables.

This home helper uses a fast, brushless 85 000 rpm motor. Its main features are min. 16 kPa suction, 2UV ultraviolet sterilization and 3 multi-cyclone filter. It also has 4PTC hot air drying facilities.

Its main use has been designed to easily vacuum sofas, beds, rugs and quickly refresh them. The suction tip is 20 cm and perfectly adapts to the surface of the mattress to increase the area of ​​the object being vacuumed. Inside the tip there is a 13 level HEPA filter that absorbs 99,7% of dust and allergens. The battery that will be installed in the vacuum cleaner will allow us to 28 minutes of continuous work on one charge. Which gives us a very good result.

A vacuum cleaner in crowdfunding will cost 499 yuan (71 USD). However, the recommended retail price in other stores is expected to be around 549 yuan (78 USD).

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