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You can order a new Smartmi air quality sensor

Smartmi is a brand cooperating with Xiaomi which creates products related to air. There is a fan, air purifier, air conditioning, radiator and now the air quality sensor has joined this group. Check out the new Smartmi creation.

The new Smartmi air quality sensorThe new Smartmi air quality sensor

The new Smartmi air quality sensor

The new device was created by Beijing Zhimi Electronic Technology Co. The company's greatest success turned out to be smart radiator presented a few days ago on the financing platform. He has already collected over 1300% of the amount needed, and by the end there are still 8 days.

The new sensor housing is made of ABS plastic. The device is equipped with an OLED screen, which displays the current quality of the air we breathe. Anyone will be able to read the measurement, the display has a colored strip that has three colors. Green, orange and red the same colors as the Xiaomi air purifier. If it shines green it is good and you can breathe deeply.

The new Smartmi air quality sensor

The Smartmi sensor has a built-in 950 mAh battery that provides 120 days of use. When the power runs out, charge the device through the micro-usb socket.

We have November and in Poland the temperature oscillates within the limits of 15 degrees, thanks to this we have exceptionally clean air. I want this situation to last as long as possible, I hope I will not see the orange indicator on the Xiaomi air purifier soon. If you want to check what you breathe, this new device will work very well.

The new Smartmi sensor has been priced in China for 199 yuan, $ 29. Available now for purchase on AliExpress..

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