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ZMI launches its own Qi 20W car charger

If you have a Xiaomi Mi 9 smartphone and a car, I recommend the purchase of a car charger that fully utilizes the potential of the Xiaomi flagship, i.e. the inductive charging 20W. Until now, such a strong wireless charger was available only from logo to meI have had it for several months and I recommend it most.

If you do not want the product strictly Xiaomi, the ZMI brand presented an alternative product that also supports the power of 20W. The ZMI charger is compatible with all smartphones that support wireless charging, but only the Mi 9 is able to charge with 20W power.

The ZMI product has two handles on the sides made of zinc which tighten when you put the smartphone from the top. At the bottom there is a foot which supports the smartphone and micro USB socket to power the "wireless" charging base. The included power supply for the 12V cigarette lighter socket should be plugged into the Qi charger located in the supply, just through the micro USB socket.

The ZMI 20W car charger is now available on If you want to buy it, enter the discount coupon "Bgzmiqiw", always cheaper! 🙂

I like the design created by Xiaomi and me more pushing the holders to the sides when we approach the phone, but honestly I have to admit that ZMI's work seems more practical. It's easier to insert the smartphone from the top than from the front. You do not have to look if we put it in well.

QI 20W Xiaomi charger
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