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Refreshed Xiaomi motion sensor, perfect for a mansion.

Xiaomi motion sensor

The motion sensor is another refreshed element of Smart Home from Xiaomi. As with previous items, the Smart Body Sensor also appears under the Aqara brand. While some refreshed sensors have gained nothing on the functionality, so the traffic junction has gained a very useful option in my opinion. Xiaomi has added a dusk sensor, the end with setting the time to "eye" when it gets dark. Now we can easily configure the light to light up only in the evening when it is dark.

xiaomi body sensor


The sensor looks very much like the model, the only difference in appearance is the addition of the twilight sensor, a small rectangular element on the front of the device. In addition, Xiaomi added a mounting stand, which some people call a "baby hut cabin", maybe it looks like that. The baby yaga hut bends at 90 degrees and rotates at 180 degrees. The stand will work during wall mounting. Weighs just 18g, assembly without drilling. Simply use the double-sided tape included in the kit.

The new version of the motion sensor, "hagi baby hut" has the same parameters as the predecessor, that is 7m range and angle 170 degrees. The CR2450 battery is powered, the battery lasts two years.

Applicationxiaomi motion sensor

The Xiaomi motion sensor communicates via Zigbee, a less-power-hungry way of communication than Wi-Fi. As a result, the new Aqara sensor achieves such a long battery life. As with all other Xiaomi sensors, it is necessary to have gate. The motion sensor is steaming in the MiHome application.

Another novelty is the possibility of previewing in the application as the LX chart presents, ie the level of exposure that registers the 24h sensor daily. Unfortunately, in the scenes we can not set from what level LX, that is darkness, the sensor "will work" and switch to the "ON" position. I hope that any day, Xiaomi will release the plugin, thanks to which we will be able to set from what lux level will perform the stage defined by us.

The current version of the plug has one more disadvantage. When creating scenes, we have to use Chinese, Adds translation of the X conditions to be met for Y to occur.

aqara human body sensorFor example, how does it look with me:

X - if it is dark and the sensor detects movement

Y - turns on the Xiaomi socket to which the garden lighting lamps are connected.

There are many applications, but it depends on what happens if the sensor detects motion. We have every one available device paired in the MiHome application (except for Bluetooth devices). We can get a notification on a smartphone, launch an alarm siren, save a recording from the camera, whatever. You can do many things, you do not have to limit yourself to one.


I do not have any problems with the operation of the sensor, the scene I create starts every time I pass. He does what he needs, I definitely recommend. The difference in price between the old and the new version is only 4 PLN, which is why I recommend buying a refreshed version - due to the addition of a twilight sensor.

The Xiaomi motion sensor can be bought in the store Gearbest.


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