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Mijia WalkingPad - treadmill, or rather Xiaomi walker

Xiaomi Mijia WalkingPad

I have always wanted to have treadmills, but because of the large size I decided to use a bike. When I saw the renders of the new Xiaomi product, I found that it was finally a minimalist piece of equipment for me. After folding, it only takes less than half a square meter. Unfortunately, after reviewing the specification, it is not so colorful.

Mijia WalkingPad

It is a treadmill that can definitely be called compact, it can easily be folded. The total weight of the device is 28kg, and the maximum weight of the user is specified on 90kg. After the maximum weight, judging it is a product dedicated to the Asian market, partly to European and definitely not American. The surface of the platform for "running" is 1200mm x 415mm. Time for the most important, the speed is from 0,5 km / h to attention! 6km / h and the spell is broken. That's why I've defined the device as a walker, not a treadmill. The platform's distance from the ground is only 57mm. LED diodes that display information on physical activity and three buttons are integrated in the front.

Xiaomi Mijia WalkingPad

The walker has two work modes. Constant, constant speed controlled by the remote control provided for the set. This is a mode intended for beginners. An interesting option is the automatic mode, automatic adjustment to the pace of the gait by slowing down and accelerating. Of course, like most Xiaomi products, Mijia WalkingPad also combines with the Mi Home ecosystem. The device has been priced at $ 1899 yuan, $ 2820. In my opinion, this is definitely too high a price for a walker.

WalkingPad is available in the store

Xiaomi Mijia WalkingPad

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