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Bianca washing machine from Candy is a good example of smart appliances that makes everyday life easier

Not so long ago when choosing home appliances, we were not guided by its intelligent functions such as control from the application. There are, however, household appliances such as an oven or washing machine, which until recently required our constant presence. Now, thanks to IoT, we have the opportunity to run their time x before leaving work - in my opinion an undoubted plus. Instead of waiting for an hour to roast, we will be able to immediately set the table and start eating after returning from work. Controlling the washing machine also makes your life a lot easier, probably you had to change your daily schedule to hang laundry. Thanks to modern, intelligent washing machines, you can decide yourself when to finish washing or start washing remotely from work.

Bianca washing machine from Candy

Intelligent devices at home mean greater safety and comfort

Are you afraid to turn on the oven or washing machine when you are not at home because of possible failure and fire or flood? Of course, failures happen, but there are ways. The flood sensor is the cost of 40 zlotys, smoke around 80 zlotys, but still few people decide to buy them. Over time, this will change, it will be the same as with data backups. People are divided into two categories: people who are backing up data and people who will do it, but unfortunately they will find out about this necessity when it is too late. In my opinion, the same will be with intelligent technology in homes, it will be more and more and over time more and more people will begin to appreciate the benefits and benefits it brings in life.

I am an active person, I like sport. For a dozen or so days I've been trying to learn how to jump on a skipping-rope like boxers, for now I'm weak but I'm not giving up. Rope rope training means gym aerobics. Such an active lifestyle is associated with the necessity of daily washing of sweaty clothing. Running a blog is my passion and I do it after hours of my "main" work. It takes a lot of time, I often sit the right second "day", I finish around midnight but I like it. I try to constantly develop myself and the website. I am looking for various facilities that will allow me to function better in every aspect of my life. Often, I turn on the laundry and work on the texts will consume me enough that I forget about him. After many hours, the laundry is unsuitable. It is suitable for re-washing.

Four important criteria when choosing a new washing machine

I decided to solve this problem and started looking for an intelligent washing machine. When choosing, I was guided by four features. First, to be economical. Secondly, it had to have a remote control with the notification of finishing the washing. The third criterion which I was guided by when choosing a washing machine is the appearance. I was looking for a model that looks nice, I like minimal design. The last important aspect for me was the value for money. I found all this in the product of the Italian Candy company. The model I decided on was Bianca BWM 1410PH7R / 1-S.

Bianca has a minimalist design, a powder / liquid container on the left side and a control knob on the opposite side and that's all. Simplicity and functionality, the features that impress the most popular smartphone in the world or iPhone. Candy machine also has similar colors to Apple products, in the space gray version. The housing is dark gray and the large door is finished in smoky black. It looks great, I do not like dozens of buttons on the casing, Bianca has none. It has been equipped with a smartring - a knob with touch buttons and LCD display. As I mentioned, I care about the economical device and Bianca meets this criterion perfectly, the energy class is A +++. The washing machine received the efficiency class A, this is the highest rating given to the washing machine, which proves that the Bianca washing machine is very economical both in terms of electricity and water consumption. Another important aspect is the loudness of the work, because of the inverter motor the washing machine is very quiet.

What can Bianca do?

It's time to move on to the functions that are important to me as a geek or smart. I have treated laundry so far as a tedious duty, but thanks to Bianka and the technology used in it, this process has become much more pleasant to me. I am lucky enough to have one more product: a heated clothes drier lowered from the ceiling. Ideally suited to drying clothes in the autumn and winter.

The app for managing the washing machine is Candy simply-Fi, the application is multiplatform, you will find it both in the Play Store and App Store. Pairing a smartphone with Bianca is child's play. We run the application, choose what product from the Candy portfolio we want to combine and scan the QR code which is located on the washing machine. It only remains to enter the password for the home Wi-Fi network and that's all, the washing machine positively connected with the smartphone.

How do I carry out the laundry? I load dirty clothing into the tank, pour the powder and set the washing machine into remote control mode. The rest of the configuration is carried out on a smartphone, in some devices remote control is impractical, but at the washing machine it works perfectly. I do not have to run it right away, I can do it any time I wait in the queue at the store or if the water boils. The second key thing: I am a guy and the stamps of programs on traditional washing machines are like hieroglyphs. Programs are but I always chose the same program, universal, which destroyed the materials by choosing the wrong temperature or turnover.

In the Candy simpy-Fi app, everything is thoroughly explained and grouped into categories, such as health and hygiene in which there are programs for removing mites, bad smells, antiallergic program and pets. There is also a category for me - sport and recreation. You can choose a program for washing backpacks, gym clothes, jackets, shoes. In an emergency, there is the 14 min refreshing program - a super-fast full washing cycle dedicated to lightly soiled cotton or mixed clothing. A big plus that each program has a description and is thoroughly explained.

700 possible combinations when choosing a washing program

Dedicated programs are really very much, but that's not all. Once we choose a program, there are further options to choose from and the amount depends on the program we have chosen. You can also set the temperature, spin, define the level of dirt or enable additional options such as the innovative system in Candy products - less creases. Possibilities to personalize the laundry is a huge amount, there are as many as 700 possible combinations. I chose the program suitable for what I threw into the drum but I did not interfere with it more. Candy has more than 70 summer experience in the production of washing machines so they know their stuff and the configuration is well-matched.

After selecting the program, you can press Play to start washing or configure one more important parameter - start delay. You can set when the laundry is to start or when it is to end, a very useful function. You end up working on 17, in the morning you set the laundry to end at 17: 15 you come, hang and calm. After washing you will also receive a notification on your smartphone or smartwatch if you have it. This is what I expect from the 21st century technology - it is to facilitate everyday life and definitely such a product is the Bianca washing machine from Candy.

Talk to the washing machine

You can also talk with Bianca and she will help you choose the right program. Unfortunately, at the moment no voice assistant is available in Polish and this also applies to the Candy washing machine.

The washing machine also cares for itself, prompts when basic maintenance should be performed, such as cleaning the drum or filter.

ZOOM function

The display has a special ZOOM button, no matter what program you choose, the washing machine is able to wash any fabric during 59 minutes. The ideal function in case of unexpected exits.

There are no perfect products, Bianca also has disadvantages

Of course, each product must have a minus, features that will not please everyone. As I mentioned, the appearance matters to me, I like minimalism and I do not like it ... Font in the application on the start screen. Fortunately, when we go to the product - washing machine, hood or other device, it is already normal and does not sting in the eye.

The second minus is to control the washing machine remotely, turn the knob to the position "remote control", then automatic locking of the door occurs. If we do not do it, we will not be able to start washing with a smartphone.

Is it worth it? Definitely

Follow me for a few weeks with the Bianca washing machine and I'm very happy with it. Some will not pay attention to the font, and others may like it. After the first two weeks with Bianca, I automatically turned the knob to "remote control" after loading dirty clothes, it became a routine for me. With an intelligent washing machine it is like an automatic transmission in the car, as long as you do not have it, you will not know how easy it is to make everyday life easier.

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