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Aqara - intelligent recessed outlet from Xiaomi

Aqara - smart socketThe smart socket from Xiaomi works in the ZigBee standard, it is necessary to have a smart home central from the Xiaomi so-called. Gateway. Has a built-in timer, switch on / off the device at a predefined time. The manufacturer declares the maximum supported power at the level 2500W (10A) and 50tys attachments. The coating is made of a material resistant to UV radiation. Built-in wattmeter allows you to check the cost of electricity used by your device, the graph allows you to look at your expenses in a wider period of time. The device is adapted for square boxes. The crowdfunding price is 99 yuan, around 14,3 $. Aqara also has switches.

Wireless protocol: ZigBee (Gateway required)
Size: 86x86x45mm
Voltage: 100V250V 50Hz
Max power: 10A / 2500W
Working temperature: -10 ~ + 50 degrees
Operating humidity: 5% -95%


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