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An electric broom with a mop is a hit on the Youpin platform

On the Xiaomi sales platform called Youpin an electric broom with a mop function was added. The product belongs to the Yijie brand, and was created by Jiaxing Yijie Smart Home Co., Ltd. Xiaomi in this cooperation is responsible only for marketing and does it perfectly. Within a few hours, the new product won the 364 crowdfunding campaign in% of the required amount, and 13 days remain until the end of the collection.

The electric broom together with the mop won 364% of the required amount in a few hours!

The Yijia product is made of ABS plastic. Its size is 270 mm x 170 mm and weighs only 1 kg. The brush rotating motor (1300 revolutions per minute) is powered by a 2000 mAh battery. The upload is done via the USB Type-C socket and lasts up to 3 hours. A charged battery lasts for two hours of cleaning.

To turn on the device, press down at the bottom, it is most convenient to do it with your foot. The capacity of the dirt container is 350 ml, it can be easily emptied by pressing over the basket the button on the back of the housing which releases the flap. Included in the set is 30 cleaning cloth, which should be attached to the bottom.

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An electric broom with a mop

The electric broom together with the mop was priced in China at 99 yuan, $ 15. Shipping to first customers will begin on 6 June 2019 year.

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