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A multiport 75W charger added to the Youpin platform

Xiaomi has introduced a new AKAVO charger with up to four outputs to the Youpin platform. The biggest advantage of the new product is power, "the most powerful socket" I support charging with power up to 60W.

The dimensions of the charger are 103 mm x 72 mm x 28 mm and weighs 240 grams. Unfortunately, it is quite heavy, which can be crucial when packing a travel bag, plus it is able to charge several devices at the same time. The AKAVO charger is equipped with two USB A ports with a maximum power of 2,4A and two USB type C ports (60W and 18W).

Together with the charger we get a power cord with a length of 1,5m terminated with an Asian plug. In my opinion, it is better to replace the cable with a "European" one or cut the plug and put on a suitable one so as not to bother with an additional adapter. The other cable included in the kit is the 1,2m cable terminated at both ends with a USB C-type port.

If you want to charge your devices with full power, then buying a AKAVO charger will be a good solution. The product on the Youpin platform has been priced at 299 yuan, $ 43.

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