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The 70mai Dash Cam Pro 1944P camera has received an update, displays the speed

Yesterday I received an e-mail from the 70Mai brand. I bet that the message contains information about a new product that will go on sale. Unexpectedly, the e-mail related to updating the "most powerful" software in the 70mai portfolio, ie the Dash Cam Pro 1944P.

70mai Dash Cam Pro 1944P

If you have added a GPS module to your webcam, then you were probably surprised that you can not see geographic coordinates and the speed at which we move in the recordings. The GPS module only allowed "safety" functions, eg a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of us depending on the speed.

The new update adds speed to the interface, geographical coordinates and optimizes parking monitoring. Interestingly information about speed and geographical coordinates is only visible in the 70Mai application when viewing the recordings. When I play a movie in the Gallery application, not 70Mai, I do not see the above-mentioned parameters. In conclusion, there is no risk that by showing the video to law enforcement officers you will be exposed to undermining your innocence during a collision on the road.

Geographical coordinates relate to maps!

There is great potential in geographic coordinates. I would like the 70Mai team to use the data that collects the camera and present our routes on the map, along with the speed and time of travel. ... to all the summaries from I would be happy to check the history of my journeys last month, let alone summarize the year.

The numbers from your life always motivate

Numbers can be a motivation to change everyday habits. For example, in the annual summary you see 200 hours spent behind the wheel, for many people it's 200 hours lost on listening to the radio. If only half of it would be used to learn a language or listen to an interesting audiobook ...

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