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64MP in the upcoming Redmi smartphone, in the near future even 100MP

Xiaomi Future Image Technology Communication Meeting was held in Beijing. Xiaomi president and co-founder Lin Bin gave details about the upcoming Redmi smartphone as well as the company's technologies used in cameras and the future regarding the photographic performance of smartphones during his speech. Component suppliers were also discussed.

As Lin Bin said, Xiaomi founded an independent camera team two years ago. In May, 2018 established an official department working for the same purposes. He deals with all aspects of hardware and software for cameras. In addition, the Xiaomi artificial intelligence team consists of over 1000 people and has over 684 patents related to artificial intelligence, which gives them 11 place in the world.

Bin also talked about the upcoming Xiaomi phone. It will have a Samsung GW1 matrix with 64MP resolution. Li Jishuo, vice president of Samsung Electronics LSI Division, appeared on stage and gave some details about the GW1 sensor. It has an 1 / 1.7 inch size, so it's quite big, 34% larger than the previous Samsung sensor. It also has the technology of combining four pixels into one, which translates into better image quality.

Samsung GW1 has ISOCELL PLUS pixel isolation technology, which guarantees high color reproduction and increased sensitivity by 15%. Intelligent ISO technology balances light, preventing photos from being overexposed while reducing noise in the darker parts of the image.

GW1 supports other Samsung technologies related to HDR, exposure, and a wide range of colors, which means that it copes better in various lighting situations. Samsung is very proud of this sensor and hopes to see it soon on the upcoming Redmi smartphone.

Lin Bin gave one more interesting detail at the end of the presentation. Xiaomi plans to use a Samsung matrix with 100MP resolution in the near future. No details were given, but we can expect telephones with this resolution relatively quickly. Xiaomi is planning a really intense battle for the customer, I am very curious what the future will bring and whether Apple will sleep through the new quality in smartphone cameras.

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